Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Helpful Sites for Twitter

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I came across some wonderful sites with a lot of helpful information for Twitter.

Friend or Follow will let you know who is following you back.  At the present time I can only follow 2001 people on twitter and I have 1112 followers.  So, I have 836 people not following back.  I need to get more followers in order to follow more.  I can go to Friend or Follow and unfollow people that are not following back.
That way I will try and get more people that will follow me back.  If you enter Twitter giveaways, be sure you don't unfollow the sponsor for the giveaway.


Colour Lovers (the meleon) is a site to change your background on your Twitter page.  All kinds of colors and templates to customize your Twitter page.


FireFox has an add-on called MonkeyFly.
There is a lot of enhancements.

Twitips has a lot of tips for Twitter, from tools to getting followers.


Free Twitter Buttons:


Squidoo has help on spicing up your tweets.  It will show you how to get those special characters.

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