Thursday, October 14, 2010

Instant Gift Wrap - puffPacs Review

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First, I would like to Thank Maryellen from Simple Pleasures for giving me the opportunity to review 3 of these awesome bags!

When you wrap a gift, did you ever wonder how you wanted to gift wrap it?  Let me tell you about a really cool idea on how to wrap it.

About puffPacs

These are specially manufactured Mylar balloon, that was purposely left unsealed along one side.  It gives you an opening big enough to insert a gift.  You can seal it closed with a clothes iron, set at medium heat (won't hurt the iron) and you can inflate them with a straw.  You cannot see the gift inside the balloon.  Stays inflated for weeks.  Looks like a store bought Mylar balloon when you are finished...BUT there is a gift inside.  WOW!

Small sizes are perfect for giving gift cards or money.  Open pouch, insert gift card, add a penny to make noise and a little tinsel, confetti or shred for effect.

Recipient sees sticker on balloon:

Gift Inside - Squeeze balloon until it POPS!


Out flies your gift!  It's much more fun then a boring ole box or bag.  They won't want to wait to open these, until the event.

I would definitely recommend puffPacs! 

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