Monday, January 3, 2011

Puzzle Baron’s Logic Puzzles Review

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First, I would like to Thank Stephen P. Ryder for giving me the opportunity to do this review!  Stephen is also "The Puzzle Baron,” founder and editor of the Puzzle Baron network of websites (, he created this book with the intent to keep anyone occupied for hours.  This book contains 200 grid based puzzles.  I gave this book to my Grandson.  He just loves figuring out puzzles, so he really enjoyed this book.  

The brain is a wonderful thing to tease. 

If you love logic puzzles, you'll love this book!  For each puzzle, readers are given a background story and a list of clues, then left with only pure logic to arrive at the correct answer.  Unlike other logic puzzle books, every puzzle includes statistics-such as the average completion time, the record completion time and the percentage of people to complete the puzzle-to bring out the competitor in each puzzler and better inform them on how easy or dif­ficult each puzzle is.

•Features 200 grid-based logic puzzles

•Includes puzzles statistics for added excitement

•Ideal for kids and adults

You can also register for a free account at  and compete against other players from around the world to see if you can solve it in record time.  See if you can make it into the Logic Puzzle Hall of Fame!  They've got more than 10,000 unique logic puzzles ready to be solved. 

A product SAMPLE was received for this review.

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