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The Eat-Clean Diet Stripped Book Review

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Do you need to lose weight? The Eat-Clean Diet Stripped book can help you peel off those extra 10 pounds.  This book has some great tips on how to trick your body into dropping those last pounds that you have been trying to lose for so long.

Now author Tosca Reno is taking it one step further, revealing her own slim-down secrets, teaching you how to shed that final layer and revealing the most fantastic you possible.

With this book you will get access to 50 brand-new recipes, effective training, and meal plans along with information on tricking your body into dropping those last pesky pounds - all while still enjoying a vibrant social life!

This book is fantastic!  It has awesome recipes and great ways to get into shape.  This is a perfect book for me, because of the recipes.  I am allergic to all preservatives and additives, so this book has been a great inspiration of what to eat and how to make it.  I have tried many of the recipes and love them.  There are twelve chapters in the book that talk about nutrition, work out routines, meal plans and tricks of the trade.  This is a perfect book for the person who wants to take charge and get their life back.

About Tosca Reno

At age 40, author Tosca Reno found herself miserable, overweight, stuck in an unhappy marriage and living an unfulfilled life.  Her self-esteem was at an all-time low.  She barely recognized the woman she had become.

Soon, Tosca Reno found herself reborn.  Realizing she was the architect of her own destiny, she took on new challenges to get super fit and healthy.  She entered bodybuilding contests and started writing articles for Oxygen, a renowned women’s fitness magazine.  Her struggles and hardships from the past served to both inspire and motivate her into a career as a writer, motivational speaker and fitness celebrity.

Oxygen readers instantly connected with Tosca’s advice, delivered with friendly compassion. Reno quickly earned her own monthly feature “Raise the Bar.”  The column targets women over 40 looking for motivation, nutrition and training advice.  Reno shares her no-holds-barred wisdom in a firm but tenderhearted, concerned manner.

“Raise the Bar” readers wanted more.  They wrote with countless questions, inspiring Tosca to craft the best-selling Eat-Clean Diet series.  With her friendly arm-around-the-shoulder approach, Tosca teaches others how to alter their eating habits to lose or maintain weight, gain muscle, boost metabolism, increase energy, and be happy, healthier people living with purpose.

The Eat-Clean Diet® series is a huge hit throughout North America with well over one million copies sold.  Tosca has struck a cord with the diet-weary.  In fact, the most common response she gets is:  “This just makes so much sense!  I will never give up eating this way!”

Tosca has appeared on numerous national radio and TV shows and has been featured in countless magazine and newspaper articles.  Tosca is a regularly featured health expert on EXTRA, and has also appeared on The Montel Williams Show, The Doctors and The Dr. Phil Show.  She has also been a return guest on Good Morning America.

In the summer of 2009, Canada’s W Network aired a reality TV series entitled Tosca: Flexing at 49.  In the series, Tosca is followed by film crews as she goes about her busy life – meeting deadlines for her columns and books, giving seminars and making appearances, helping families with their health and diet struggles, answering emails from fans, dieting, competing and looking after her large family at the same time!

Tosca’s latest writing projects include The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged!, Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean Cookbook, and Your Best Body Now.  Tosca continues to write her monthly column in Oxygen magazine, along with articles on motivation, life, training and nutrition in magazines including Clean Eating, Reps!, and Maximum Fitness.

Tosca grew up in Kingston, Ontario and now lives in Caledon, Ontario with her husband and children. She turned 50 in May 2009.

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A product  SAMPLE was received for review.  I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting.  The opinions expressed are my own and were NOT influenced in any way.

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