Sunday, May 15, 2011

New England Coffee Company Review

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Do you love coffee?  When you wake up, it's like, "I got to get my caffeine" to start the day and if you don't get it, you can't seem to wake up.  For this review I got some great coffee from New England Coffee Company and the coffee is awesome.  It is very rich and flavorful.  I received 2 oz. of San Francisco Blend, 2 oz. of French Roast and 2 oz. of Colombian Supremo Dark Roast.

San Francisco Blend Coffee

San Francisco Blend coffee is perfect for those who enjoy a rich and flavorful cup of coffee.  They blend medium-roasted coffees from the East Indies and Central America.  The result makes the San Francisco Blend coffee distinctly flavored and aromatic which is especially delicious during a mid-afternoon break.  Be sure you take the time to sit back and enjoy this sophisticated blend.

French Roast Coffee

For those who love a bolder and more robust coffee, Their French Roast coffee will not let you down.  In true European style, they roast their beans darker to maximize their flavor.  The result is a coffee that will stimulate your senses with an intense flavor and aroma.  Full-bodied and smooth, their French Roast coffee is ideal for both drip-brewed and espresso coffee drinks. Take the time this evening to relax and treat yourself to this rich delight.

Colombian Supremo Dark Roast

Their newest addition to their Dark Roast Coffees!  Colombian Supremo Dark Roast coffee beans are roasted to a medium brown, with just a trace of this superb coffee’s natural oils on the surface of the bean.  With a rich aroma and intense, robust eye-opening taste, this Dark Roast blend adds a sophisticated twist to the world's best-selling varietal and one of New England Coffee's most popular picks.  Day or night, this coffee remains a consistent favorite.  Choose to live boldly!

About New England Coffee Company

New England Coffee is owned and operated by a third generation of the Kaloyanides and Dostou families and has been providing quality and service for over 90 years.  Their beliefs in the highest standards of customer service and product quality have been passed on in the true tradition of family business.

In the early years, they were located in a building at the corner of Milk and Broad Streets in Boston, where hand-roasted coffee was delivered by horse and wagon.  Their first truck was purchased in 1918 and other family members started to join the business.  In 1966, after outgrowing several homes in succession, they finally settled into their present location at 100 Charles Street in Malden, Massachusetts.

Today they occupy five buildings and have hugely expanded their manufacturing and packaging capabilities.  While they've grown to become New England's largest independent coffee roaster, their philosophy and goal are still the same - to buy and sell premium coffee and provide the best service possible.

Their methods are not cutting edge.  In fact, they're antiquated by most people's standards.  They wouldn't change a thing.  It's the only way they know how to make sure that you'll always enjoy a consistently great cup of coffee.

As fine coffee becomes more and more integral to the American way of life, they will continue to indulge you with their consistent tradition of good taste.

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