Monday, May 9, 2011

Tell Walmart: Get Rid of Toxic BPA

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Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a toxic chemical that’s making us sick.  It leaches into us from plastics, paper coatings and canned foods. 90% of us carry measurable amounts of BPA in our bodies. 90% of us—that means it’s everywhere, practically unavoidable.

Canada and the E.U. have already banned the chemical for use in baby bottles.  But our government won’t protect us, so let’s change the industry, starting with Walmart.  They are a retailing giant with enormous influence.  If Walmart commits to eliminating BPA, the whole industry will be forced to change.

Act now to pressure Walmart to remove BPA from its products.

BPA disrupts our hormonal system even in very small doses, and has been linked to miscarriages, erectile dysfunction, heart disease and diabetes.  For more information on the harmful effects of BPA, check out their blog post.  Safer alternatives are available; there’s no excuse for continued use of BPA.

A recent report1 gave Walmart an F rating for their lack of efforts to phase out BPA packaging.  Yet Walmart has pledged to take a leadership role in environmental stewardship.  Let’s tell Walmart to stop the corporate greenwashing—it’s time to get serious about removing BPA from their products.  If they commit to phasing out BPA, it will effectively force the entire packaging industry to change.

Click here to sign our petition for BPA-free packaging alternatives at Walmart.

Working toward a safer tomorrow,

The FRESH Team

1Green Century Capital Management and As You Sow, "Seeking Safer Packaging," Oct. 2010
Image courtesy of Flickr/stevendepolo

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Reanne said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for this informative post and the link to sign! My hormones need no disrupting.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Candice O


Maya said... Best Blogger Tips

Such an important issue! I did a big research project on BPA in grad school a few years ago. It's extremely frustrating that the FDA is not willing to take a stand here.

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