Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Action: Demand clear GMO labeling now‏

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Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are in 75% of the packaged foods in supermarkets, but most of us don’t even know what GMOs are.  That’s not so surprising since there are no regulations that require manufacturers to label GMO products.

Yet in poll after poll, Americans have clearly stated that they want GMO labeling, and a majority say they would be less likely to purchase foods that contained GMO.  No wonder Big Ag has lobbied so hard to prevent labeling!  Without labeling, we can’t make informed decisions and our right to choose our food is crippled.

Demand that the FDA mandate clear labeling of GMO products. Click here to sign our petition asking the FDA to give us the information we need.

More and more genetically modified foods are making their way into our food system, and we have no way to identify them.  Meanwhile, research is mounting that GMOs pose a severe threat to our health and our environment.

Last January, a new pathogen was found in GM corn that may be linked to widespread crop failure and spontaneous abortions in cattle.  If GM corn is damaging the health of our animals, how can we know what it’s doing to us?  Another recent study showed that food toxins from GM corn can be found in the blood of pregnant moms and their unborn babies.  The fact is, we've barely begun researching the long-term risks of GMOs, but they're already hidden in our food supply.

In the last year alone, the USDA approved three new GM crops: alfalfa, sugar beets, and a type of corn used for ethanol.  Any day, fast-growing GM salmon may be approved by the FDA.  If our government is not doing anything to protect us, let’s at least seize the opportunity to protect ourselves.

The disclosure of GMO products is strictly required in Europe, Russia, China, Japan, Australia, and many other nations.  Consumers are empowered to choose whether or not they want GMO foods in their diet.  Why shouldn't Americans be allowed the same freedom of choice?

Tell the FDA that we won't take ignorance for an answer. Insist on GMO labeling; sign our petition to the FDA today!

Plant pathologist Dr. Don Huber warns USDA of new pathogen in GM corn
GMO food toxin found in the blood of pregnant moms

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coupon chick said... Best Blogger Tips

This is a very enlightening article. The thing is that I don't know that people care. Honestly people know all the risks associated with unhealthy eating and still continue to do it. I actually run a little blog called chicksdigcoupons.blogspot.com which I really liked doing in the beginning but now after seeing all the crazy couponers out there I kinda feel I am causing a disservice to people. But even though I don't shop like that I am still giving the info on how too. Well you just made me think! Thank you!

Daisy said... Best Blogger Tips

Great Blog! It's always nice to meet a fellow believer. I'm a new follower.


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