Saturday, June 4, 2011

Send a Ball, Inc.

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The other day I seen the mailman coming up the sidewalk and I thought what in the world is that he's carrying?  It was a big red ball, that was not in a box.  It had postage attached to the ball, my name, address and who it was from, wrote directly on the ball!    The mailman said, "someone sent you a ball", my reply was how weird!  That is the funniest thing I have ever received in the mail!

I got an email from Question Moms and they asked if I got my surprise in the mail, I thought what surprise?  It was the Big Red Ball from Send a Ball, Inc.  They thought it would be funny to see what everybody's reaction was to receiving a ball!

Send a Ball is a family business headquartered in Chicago.  It is owned by two sisters, that grew up across the street in the same neighborhood.  They have been sending balls since the 90s.  In 2003 they thought this could be a real business.  Everybody they sent a ball to, got a real laugh.  Then people started asking them if they would send a ball for them, so that is how Send a Ball started.

When you want to send somebody something unusual, this is definitely it!  It will definitely be a surprise and they will get a laugh out of it!

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Ronalee said... Best Blogger Tips

I love that :)


Molly said... Best Blogger Tips

I remember watching them on Shark Tank! How cool that you got a ball! I've never heard of Question Moms, so I signed up and made sure to give them your info as a reference. Thanks!

Bonny said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks Molly for putting me down as a reference! Have a great day!

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