Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ten Time-Saving Tips For Busy Moms

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Are you a busy mom with Mom and never have enough time to get everything done?  I know some days days are so busy I don't seem to get everything done.   You got to get the kids to all their games and other kid events, prepare meals, shop, housework and the list goes on!  Let's see if we can help each other out and get some real tips on how to save time.

1.   The most important one of all is to get organized!  Make lists of things that need to be done.  Have a list of chores that the kids can do, which will save you a bunch of time.  When something is empty, start a list of things you need from the grocery store and stick to your list. Get a day planner and write down appointments and your errands that you need to run.  This will help out a lot. 

2.  When you cook a big meal double or triple the recipe, so on those nights that you don't want to cook you can just reach into the freezer and have everything already made up.  I purchased a food saver and I just love it I will make five pizzas at once and freeze them.  I even do two big pans of lasagna.   Another thing I love to do is to cut up my vegetables, like onion, peppers and other vegetables and use the food saver and just throw them into the freezer, so next time you won't have to sit there and cut up the vegetables.   Pre-planning your meals each week will help you save time too!

3.  Pay bills online, that saves a lot of time of writing out checks, mailing them and you won't have to buy stamps!  You can even pay your bills automatically, which is a great time saver.  You may even save on late charges or penalties if you forget to pay a bill.

4.  Another great tip I love is to keep a cupboard closet of gifts, like picture frames, candles, gift cards, toys and so many other things.  If you see a big sale stock up, it will save you time and money.  Oh, don't forget the cards and gift bags too.

5.  Try and schedule one day a week for different things that need to be done.  Say shop on Wednesday, clean on Thursday and that way you will have your time more organized.  Get the kids to make a list of things that they need to do too, that way they can work on their list all week long.  

6.  All those new cleaning products out there are great on saving time, especially the disinfectant wipes are great for a quick clean up.  The Swifter mop is quick and easy, it will save time on getting a mop bucket out and wring out the mop.

7.  Another thing that will save you time is try shopping on-line.  Even Safeway delivers your groceries.  Get on some of the websites email list and you will be notified of sales and no shipping charges.  You can shop on-line 24/7, do it after the kids go to sleep.

8.  If your kids do a lot with their friends and need to go here and there, trade driving them around with their friends parents, so you won't have to always do it.  Take turns each week.  That alone will save a lot of time.

9.  When it comes to snack time have everything ready, get the fruit and vegetables all washed up and put them in baggies or tupperware containers.  Get water bottles and put juice in them, so when they come to you, all you have to say is grab it out of the fridge.  You can even put snacks and juice boxes in the glove compartment, when you are on the go.

10. Put clothes hampers in each room and as soon as the kids are old enough have them start doing their own laundry.  Have the kids fold their own clothes and put them away.  If they are not old enough yet, just have them fold their clothes and put them away.  This will give you a lot more time.

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Kelly said... Best Blogger Tips

I love on-line bill pay! No more licking yucky envelopes!

Reanne said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm with you on the cooking in bulk and in advance! I have this cookbook called "Cheap Fast Good" and I have a chest freezer full of chicken stock, seasoned chicken, beef, Mexican beef, pork, etc.

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