Sunday, July 17, 2011

CLUE World of Harry Potter Board Game Review

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Kids just love Harry Potter!  My grandkids have all the movies, book, games and anything else they can get their hands on.  I got a great new game from Hasbro to tell you about, it's World of Harry Potter Clue Board Game!  The grandkids just love this game, of course I had to play it with them and I think it's alot of fun for the whole family!  Family night is a great time to get out a good board games and have some quality time together.  With this game the night went too quick for the grandkids.  They all wanted to be Harry Potter, so we had to play several times.  I would definitely recommend this awesome game!

About the Clue World of Harry Potter Board Game

A friend has seemingly vanished.  Playing as Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna or Neville, you must try to discover WHO did it, WHAT spell or item they used and WHERE the student was attacked.  Was it Fenrir Greyback with a Cursed Necklace in the Forbidden Forest?

You can move between the fireplace from room to room, with the Floo powder, but if you lose your Floo powder, you will have to move by the roll of the dice.  Use the Floo Network to travel faster through the wizarding world...but watch out for unlit fireplaces.  When you're sure of your facts, go to The Burrow to make your final accusation and win the game!  The game is challenging and very exciting. 


Game board, 6 Identity cards, 6 movers, 29 Help cards, 32 Dark cards, 21 Mystery cards, 1 notepad, 40 Floo powder tokens, 6 Suspect tokens, 6 Item tokens, 1 envelope, 1 green die, 1 black die, 1 label sheet, instructions.

3-5 players Ages 9+

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Reanne said... Best Blogger Tips

I love Harry Potter. I would probably enjoy this game very much. But with 3 cats, I think it'll be "The middle cat, in the living room, with the bite-and-carry maneuver," leaving me with less pieces.... :)

Becca said... Best Blogger Tips

It looks so cute! I hope one of my friends buys it so I can play LOL

Grace said... Best Blogger Tips

i love the game world of Harry Potter. It is so cool.

Grace said... Best Blogger Tips

i could just kiss the game World of Harry Potter.
i love the game so much.
i play it every evening.
it is so cool.
it is the coolest game i have played.

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