Sunday, July 24, 2011

Grandpa’s Military Discipline Guide

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Being a seasoned Army veteran, Grandpa knows how to whip someone into shape!  In Marley and Me: The Puppy Years Grandpa gets Bodie in line by making him do chores around the house , including things such as making his bed correctly to mowing the lawn.  That being said, we wanted to take a nod from Grandpa and give some helpful hints and tips to encourage your kids to do chores around the house.

5. Time your child's performance

This is a great way to motivate your kids to complete their chores and have it done in a time frame you want it in.  By saying that a certain chore is not done by a certain time with the knowledge that something fun is going to be taken away for the night is a great motivator and allows you to not constantly nag on your kids to do their chores.

4. Have A Structured System

Every morning Grandpa made Bodie make his bed with hospital corners, and having a structured system is very important when it comes to getting your kids to complete their chores for many reasons.  Having your family do certain tasks at the same times every day allows for them to be on a schedule so that they know what is expected at a certain time.

3. Consider Giving Kids an Allowance

Giving children an allowance as an incentive is a good thing - but this system can be abused if it isn't carefully monitored!  Hence, it may be a good idea to have a penalty system; i.e., for every chore your child forgets to do, they lose a dollar off their allowance they would have received.

2. Don’t Turn Chores into Punishment

If your kids misbehave - DON'T punish them by making them do chores, as there simply is no way to learn a lesson out of that.  They only time children should be told to do a chore is if they did wrong to another sibling, with their chore acting as a way of making up for it and showing sincerity.  This is a great lesson to teach kids so they can learn how to forgive and make up for their actions.

1. Use A Reward System

As a reward for Bodie doing chores around the house, Grandpa decided to build the dog agility course, which is a great way to persuade your kids to do their chores.  Having a system that won't be taken advantage of, such as rewarding a child for every five chores they accomplish, is a great way to reward your child.

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