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Stumptown Coffee Roasters Review

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Have you ever heard of Stumptown Coffee?  For this review I received a bag of Guatemala Finca El Injerto-Bourbon Coffee.  This coffee is one of the best coffees I have ever tasted.  We had a get together with some friends and family.  So I served this coffee and everybody agreed with me on how delicious this coffee is.  It's very flavorful and the aroma is heavenly!  Stumptown Coffee has a few locations around the United States, be sure to check for a location near you.

Coffee Details

  • Location:  15º31'49.59”N x 91º51'13.03”W
  • Elevation:  1500-1900 meters
  • Varietal:  Bourbon
  • Region:  Latin America
  • Flavors:  Fragrance of jasmine evolves into flavors of dutch chocolate, roasted almonds, meyer lemon and plum finishing with chamomile tea like grace.

About Guatemala Finca El Injerto-Bourbon Coffee

Since 1905, Finca El Injerto has produced exceptional coffee with a commitment to respecting and preserving the natural resources of the Huehuetenango region.  Arturo Aguirre owns and operates the farm with his son, Arturo Jr.  The farm is run with dedication to sustaining a coffee farming community and a meticulous approach to processing the highest quality coffee in Guatemala.  The relationship between Stumptown and Finca El Injerto is one of their strongest and longest.  They feel like their efforts, combined with that of the Aguirre family, have improved the coffee year after year.

Mr. Jesus Aguirre Panama acquired the land in 1874 and planted corn, beans, tobacco, and sugar cane.  In 1900 he planted coffee and named the section of the farm “El Injerto” (the Grafting), since this was what started the agricultural development in the area.  Three generations and over 100 years later, El Injerto has 245 hectares planted with coffee: 70% Bourbon with the remaining mixed between Catuai, Maragogype and Pacamara varietals.

The Aguirres protect the quality of the land through sustainable agricultural methods.  Coffee parchment is used for fuel in the mechanical dryers.  Water used in wet milling is filtered in ponds before returning to the rivers to avoid pollution downstream.  Native species are replanted in reforestation efforts.  Without using fungicides, herbicides or insecticides, they focus on the coffee plant’s tissue management system.  They use worm culture technology which breaks down the coffee cherry skins to produce lombricompost which is used as fertilizer at the nursery and the final plantings.  To avoid pests and diseases, the leguminosae Araquis pintol, a competitive plant that suffocates other weeds, is planted around the coffee plants.  Shade trees are planted throughout the farm to promote air circulation and control the amount of sunlight received by the plants.  El Injerto also has many social projects which promote the well-being and health of the workers and their families.

Arturo Sr. and Jr. ensure perfect cherry selection and utilize cherry flotation to sort by density.  Disc depulpers remove the cherry prior to extended fermentation which can last up to 72 hours in a cold climate.  The coffee is then double washed and soaked. Patio pre-drying prepares the beans for a final low temperature drum drying.

How to prepare the perfect Press Pot

Using a Press Pot (aka French Press) is the easiest and best way to get truly excellent coffee at home.  The keys to getting good results are: using high quality, fresh beans; grinding the coffee correctly; using clean equipment and filtered water; timing the process.

You’ll need a Press Pot, coffee, a grinder, a spoon, a timer and cups (and thermal carafe if preparing more than fits in the cups).

Quick Tattletails Quick Tattletails

A product  SAMPLE was received for review.  I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting.  The opinions expressed are my own and were NOT influenced in any way.

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Bourbon coffee? Yum! All of the flavor, none of the hangover. Always looking for new coffees to try. *raises mug* Cheers!

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