Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2011 Rodelle Challenge and Vanilla Beans Review

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Take the 2011 Rodelle challenge!

Do you love baking?  Did you know that the 2011 RODELLE Challenge begins October 1st this year?  Share your best, worst, or funniest baking moment with Rodelle.  Move them, teach them something, or just make them laugh!  It's that easy!  Creativity is a HUGE factor in their judging, so be creative!  Pictures and videos are really appreciated!  They want to share in your passion but challenge you to be creative in your delivery!  Post to their Facebook wall.

They will pick the top 6 entries to win, based on the most moving, funniest or most impressive moments!  They will pick 3 grand prize winners and 3 runners up.  The grand prize winners take the cake and win a whole YEAR supply of gorgeous vanilla beans, baking cocoa, pure vanilla extract, almond/lemon/anise extracts, vanilla sugar and of course a KITCHENAID Mixer!  Runners up will receive a years supply of pure vanilla extract, vanilla beans, and rich dark baking cocoa.

All Vanillas are NOT Created Equal

What sets Rodelle Vanilla Extract apart?  Vanilla extract gets its rich “vanilla” taste and aroma from the vanilla bean’s primary flavor component, vanillin.  Vanillin is a natural flavor component found on high quality vanilla beans, the higher the vanillin, the better the quality.  The vanillin content of pure vanilla extract is easily measurable, making vanillin a useful quality indicator for profiling fine vanillas.  Rodelle Pure Vanilla Extracts have set the bar for vanillin content, offering a pure vanilla extract with one of the highest vanillin levels on the market.

For this review I received a tube of 2 Vanilla Beans.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to make with the vanilla beans, so I went to the Rodelle website and found the Homemade Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe.  They were delicious!

About Rodelle

Rodelle Vanilla is America's fastest growing brand of vanilla extracts.  Found in grocery stores throughout North America, they offer the highest quality baking products favored by chefs at home and in professional kitchens.

Since 1936, the Rodelle family recipe has been strictly followed: combing premium vanilla beans and an advanced extraction process to produce one of the most flavorful vanilla extracts containing some of the highest vanillin levels on the market.

The Rodelle family moved to Denver, Colorado from the south of France in 1936 and quickly realized the country lacked a high-quality pure vanilla extract.  This family of avid bakers decided the only solution for their fine recipes was to produce their own premium vanilla extracts.

The family founded Rodelle Laboratories and revolutionized the standard for gourmet vanilla extracts.  Today, Rodelle continues to provide home bakers and culinary professionals with the finest vanilla on the market.  In 1984, Custom Blending, Inc. acquired Rodelle Laboratories where a relentless commitment to high quality continues.  In recent years, Custom Blending has expanded the Rodelle line to include a complete line of superior vanilla products.

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A product sample was received for review. I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting. The opinions expressed are my own and were NOT influenced in any way.

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