Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to School with SnackAisle Review and Giveaway - Ends 09-22-11

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Do you ever wonder what to pack in your children's lunches?  SnackAisle has plenty of snacks to choose from!  They have 35 different brands.  Whether it's snacks for your children or for you, they are all natural and organic snacks, what could be better then that?

For this review I received 2 bags of Deep River Snacks Sharp White Cheddar Popcorn, 1 box of Kind Healthy Snacks, 1 Smart Puffs by Pirate Brands Snackpack of 6, 1 Pirate's Booty Original Aged White Cheddar by Pirate Brands Snackpack of 6, 1 Boston Lite Popcorn SNACK PACK 6 and a 1 SnackAisle Chip Clip.  My family just loved all these great snacks!

They have a lot of new brands that I have never heard of and a lot of my favorites!  I know when I go to some grocery stores to shop a lot of them don't have an organic section, so I don't always get healthy snacks, but now I can at SnackAisle.com.  That's one thing I love about shopping online you can find what you want.

About SnackAisle

SnackAisle.com is the fastest growing distributor and retailer of all natural and organic snacks in New Hampshire.  Their purpose is to serve those that appreciate high quality and superior taste in their snack foods.  They strive to meet the needs of the individual, group, or organization that wants high quality, all natural, unique products in their daily diets.

They have a "Snack of the Month Club" that is perfect for gifts.  You get to pick the kind of snacks you would like in the "Snack of the Month Club". They have the following:

Kosher Snacks Box
They've got the best selection of over 200 Kosher snacks, and here's an excellent selection of them in this "Kosher Snacks" Snack of the Month box, like nuts, crackers, tortilla & potato chips.  Each item is Kosher Certified utilizing the certification of the manufacturer's choice.

Starving College Student Box
Surprise your college student, and make them the most popular person in the dorm, frat house, or sorority with this "Starving College Student" Snack of the Month Club.  Automatic delivery of a box of snacks that students love like potato chips, pretzels, popcorn, pirate's booty, nuts, and cookies. Pick Fall (Sept,Oct,Nov), Spring (Feb,Mar,Apr), or both Semester delivery.

Gluten Free Goodies Box
This "Gluten Free Goodies" Snack of the Month box is filled with ALL Gluten Free snacks & treats for those with Celiac disease, wheat allergies, or those who would prefer to eliminate gluten from their diets.

Snack Attack Box
"Snack Attack Box" Snack of the Month Club, is a "Best Of" collection of their most popular snacks.  It will include a selection of Potato chips, tortilla chips, pretzels, puffed snacks, and soy snacks.

Boston Lite Popcorn Lovers Box
You know who they are...connoisseurs of popped kernels, those who can't even turn on a tv without a bowl full of popcorn.  This is the "Boston Lite Popcorn Lovers Box" Snack of the Month Club for them with lots of Boston Lite Popcorn for them to enjoy, guilt free!

Stix &Twigs & Nuts n' Berries Box
For the Nuts n' Berries crowd, here's a wholesome selection of trail mixes, snack bars, nuts & granola in their "Stix & Twigs & Nuts n' Berries" Snack of the Month Club.

Spudtacular Box
You've loved to give & get this popular "Spudtacular Box" SnackAisle Gift Box, and now it's available as a "Snack of the Month" subscription.  Filled with various brands and flavors and sizes of gourmet potato chips!

I'm not on a Diet Box
"It's a Lifestyle, Not a Diet!"  This "I'm Not On a Diet" Snack of the Month box is filled with Low fat and/or Low calorie snacks that are "guilt free" and just plain taste good like edamame, baked potato chips, dried fruit, cookies, and pretzels.

Hot & Spicy Box
This awesome "Hot & Spicy" Snack of the Month box is filled with snacks to make you "cry" with heat & joy!  Selections may include hot & spicy pita chips, potato chips, baked fries, nuts, and tortilla chips.

The Lunch Box
This "Lunch Box", Snack of the Month Club is filled with "single serve" lunch boxed sized snacks like chips, booty, pretzels, and cookies!

New England Sampler Box
This "New England Sampler" Snack of the Month box is filled with New Hampshire & New England snacks like Deep River Snacks, White Birch Snacks, Stacy's, or Late July.

You can subscribe to the "Snack of the Month Club" with these easy three steps:

1. You pick the "Snack of the Month Club" box the recipient would enjoy.

2. You pick the length of subscription: 3, 6, or 12 months (or Spring/Fall or both semesters for the "Starving College Student" box).  They'll include a Gift Card with the first delivery, informing the recipient of the subscription

3. You pay & checkout...and they handle the rest!  The Snack of the Month Club of your choice will ship the first week of every month, for the length of time you choose.  All shipping charges are included in your subscription price...be sure to select the "Snack of the Month Club" Shipping Option during Checkout

A product sample was received for review. I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting. The opinions expressed are my own and were NOT influenced in any way. 
Giveaway ends September 22, 2011 (12:01 AM EST)
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