Friday, September 9, 2011

Carousel Day School | Hicksville, NY | Early Education

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Carousel Day School In Hicksville, New York: Customizing Curriculum And Care To Meet Students' Individual Needs

Carousel Day School in Hicksville, New York has built a solid reputation as a top notch early education facility that adheres to the notion that every child has unique learning strengths and capabilities.  Our commitment to celebrating each of our student's specific academic abilities has reinforced our standing as a quality center that has spanned over half a century.  Under the steady leadership of owners Eugene Formica and his wife, Jane Formica, Carousel Day School and our staff of highly trained early development specialists, have remained passionately dedicated to designing a tailor made educational curriculum created to honor each student's distinctive academic gifts.

Carousel Day School: Delivering Early Education Formats Through A Diverse Array Of Techniques

Carousel Day School offers parents a wide ranging assortment of early education classes and day care options to help meet any schedule and need. Most importantly, our center provides a customized approach to learning to ensure that each child's individual educational needs are met.  Our class setup includes half and full days and even a kindergarten enrichment session to enhance the student's academic experience.  We also offer first grade and extended day care programs to round out our comprehensive list of options.

Carousel Day School recognizes the importance of celebrating every student's learning strengths and capabilities.

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