Saturday, September 24, 2011

Relaxing With A Clear American Sparkling Flavored Water Smoothie Moment - #ClearAmerican #CBias #ad

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This is a beautiful day to go to Walmart and do a little shopping.  I just made my shopping list out, so I am heading out to Walmart.  I checked out all the different kinds of water, flavored waters, sport drinks and some of the juices.  I picked up on ten 1 litter bottles of Clear American Sparkling Flavored Water for only 68 cents each.  Now, that is a great price compared to some of those specialty waters, that are almost two dollars a bottle.

Many years ago I use to drink a lot of pop.  Then all of a sudden I became allergic to it.  It took a while to figure out what I was allergic to, so now if I drink pop I start itching all over.  So, I had to find an alternative.  I didn't want plain water, I wanted something that had flavor, that is when I discovered Clear American Sparkling Flavored Water!

About a year ago I purchased a Vita-Mix so I could make my own homemade juices and smoothies.  I love my smoothies and I didn't want to add plain water, so that is when I started using Clear American Sparkling Flavored Water (only available at Walmart).  After all you got to mix it with something that has some flavor and the sparkling part is an added bonus.

I am into health foods and beverages, so the Clear American Sparkling Flavored Water is perfect for me, it has no sugars, no caffeine, no calories, no fat, no carbohydrates and no sodium.

Today I decided to make up some smoothies for the family.  Smoothies here we come!  I used about half of the Raspberry Blackberry Clear American Sparkling Water bottle, 1 bag of frozen cherries, a half of bag of frozen blueberries and a bag of frozen blackberries.  I have been known to add some flavored vodkas to some of my smoothies.  We do a lot of entertaining, my guests love to see what I am going mix up, I am always experimenting with my smoothies and different cocktails.

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Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias #CBias; which is a vendor for Cott Beverages Inc., the manufacturer of Clear American® brand beverages. The opinions expressed are my own and were NOT influenced in any way.

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Leigh said... Best Blogger Tips

Your comment about soda making you itch is eye opening. Over the last few months my husband had had horrible eczema out of nowhere--really bad on his face, which is embarrassing to him. He drinks a LOT of soda. I'll have to mention this to him. Thanks!

Kathy Murphy said... Best Blogger Tips

I never would have thought to come up with that drink - it sounds really goood.

Christy Lee said... Best Blogger Tips

We LOVE our Clear American! We've made smoothies, and cake, and spiked drinks, and paid it forward, and....well you get it! Glad to have you on the band wagon! Great job and they do look yummy!

April Decheine said... Best Blogger Tips

Nummy that sounds really good! I want a Vita Mixer!

Kim said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds good! I love clearly American and never thought of using it this way!

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