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Aerobie Skylighter Lighted Disc Review and Giveaway - Ends 10-17-11

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Do your kids love playing frisbee?  I got an awesome one to tell you about!  It's the Aerobie Skylighter Lighted Disc!  It's great fun when the family gets together and plays frisbee.  Just think, now it can be even more fun, since it lights up, so you can play in the dark!  These Aerobie Skylighter Lighted Disc aren't just for kids, adults love them too! 

For this review I received one of these Aerobie Skylighter Lighted Disc.  I gave it to my grandkids and they had so much fun with it.  They just loved how it lite up at night, it just made it all the more special!

About the Aerobie Skylighter Lighted Flying Disc

Extend the fun of playing with an Aerobie flying disc into the night with the new Skylighter lighted disc.  Its bright LEDs illuminate the clear center and the translucent colored rim to make the entire Skylighter appear bright in the night sky.  With the patented Aerobie spoiler rim design, the Skylighter is easy for players of all skill levels to throw well.  Its narrow profile and large 12 inch (30cm) diameter make the Skylighter fly far and straight.

As is the case with all Aerobie discs, the Skylighter has a rubber rim that provides a performance grip for strong throws and a soft edge to catch.  Weight: 175 grams.  Available in yellow, red, blue, and green.  Ages 10 and up.  Takes 2 lithium CR2032 3 volt batteries.  Quality made in the U.S.A.

About Aerobie

During the 70′s and early 80′s while working as a consulting engineer and teaching part time at Stanford University, Alan Adler invented toys in his spare time and licensed his ideas to toy companies.  Alan was also an avid sailor who taught himself aerodynamics in order to be able to design sailboats.  His love of inventing toys and his new found knowledge of aerodynamics led him into the pursuit of better flying toys.

He began his interest in flying toys by studying ways to improve conventional flying discs that are descendents of the old Frisbee pie tins.  His analysis and experimental work led him to the discovery that flying rings rather than discs have an advantage when it comes to balancing aerodynamic lift over a wide range of speeds.  His work led him to a series of flying ring inventions.  The first was the Skyro ring that he licensed to Parker Brothers.

Alan designed and built the first prototype of the Aerobie ring with its spoiler rim that balances lift over a wide range of throwing speeds in early 1984.  The first throw of the Aerobie ring on Roble Field at Stanford showed Alan he had something special.  The ring flew straight and true for an incredible distance, "as if sliding on an invisible sheet of ice." Onlookers were amazed.

The Founding of Aerobie, Inc.

Alan knew the Aerobie ring could be a hit.  He also knew the flying performance of the Aerobie ring was going to be dependent on maintaining aerospace quality standards in the manufacturing processes.  He therefore founded Superflight, Inc (now Aerobie, Inc.). in 1984 to manufacture and sell his high performance sport toy inventions beginning with the Aerobie flying ring.  For its first 20 years of existence, Aerobie Inc. was officially named Superflight, Inc.  However, in recognition of the fact that all of the products were named Aerobie and everybody knew the company as Aerobie, as of 2005, their company’s name is officially Aerobie, Inc.

Aerobie, Inc. Today

Aerobie, Inc. is still owned by Alan and he still works on inventing new, exciting sport toys.  We now manufacture thirteen Aerobie brand products and sell them through retailers of all types throughout the United States and to distributors in over thirty countries.  All Aerobie brand sport toys are known for their extraordinary performance and quality.  Their warehousing, packing, and shipping are all done in San Carlos, California.

The Future of Aerobie, Inc.

They’re always looking for new & exciting products.  Since their first two golf discs, released in the Summer of 2003, have been quite popular, they expect to continue to develop their presence as a golf disc manufacturer.  But they’re looking for other new product ideas, as well.  If you think of a sport toy you’d love to have, e-mail them and ask for their invention submission information.  Maybe by next year your idea will be the best selling Aerobie brand product and you will be earning royalties!

***There are two Tweets you can do each day for extra entries, but must be 6 hours apart!

Quick Tattletails

A product sample was received for review. I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting. The opinions expressed are my own and were NOT influenced in any way. 
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