Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dr. Drip Coffee Review

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Any coffee lovers out there?  Have you heard of Dr. Drip Coffee? I received a box of Dr. Drip Coffee.  It was delicious!  It is very easy to make this coffee.  You can take Dr. Drip with you when you are on the go, no coffee pot needed!  This is a very clever invention!  I Would recommend Dr. Drip Coffee.  It is very convenient.

About Dr. Drip Coffee

With a variety of 100% Arabica bean blends, you can get instant satisfaction and quality coffee without expensive equipment or the taste of instant.  The meticulously ground beans are individually packaged in a vacuum-sealed pouch full of flavor, smell and taste.  Simply perch the filter atop the mug- in-waiting and pour hot water over the grounds and through the filter to unlock the alluring aroma and scintillating taste of freshly roasted coffee beans.  Whether on-the-go, at the campsite, kitchen or office, Dr. Drip coffee is accessible, portable and can be enjoyed with just hot water.

Each Dr. Drip contains all natural, fair-trade and organically grown coffee specially selected from some of the world’s best growing regions.  Also, Dr. Drip packaging and filters are recyclable, compostable and earth-friendly - no plastic pods or machinery needed!

Dr. Drip is currently prescribing these four 100% Arabica bean blends:
  • The Organic Tonic: A 100% USDA-Certified Organic blend
  • The Ultimate Pick Me-Up: A dark roasted Sumatra blend for the truly bold and brazen
  • The Double Daily Remedy: Our premium signature blend is the answer to all that ails you
  • The Decaf Energizer: Ain’t no misnomer and resounding proof that there’s more to love than just the caffeine buzz
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A product sample was received for review. I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting. The opinions expressed are my own and were NOT influenced in any way.

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