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Sante Nuts Review With a Coupon Code For My Readers

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Do you love roasted nuts?  They are absolutely delicious, especially the nuts from Santé Nuts!  For this review I received 1 bag of Garlic AlmondsRoasted Salted PecansCandied Walnuts and Candied Pecans.  Check out the display box of how they came, in the picture below.  I thought it was really cute!  I had some friends over and I put a bowl of each kind of nuts on the table, wow they were a big hit!  Everybody loved them!

With the Holidays right around the corner this would make an awesome gift, as well as for entertaining at those awesome holiday parties coming up!

About The Candied Pecans

Simply scrumptious: These buttery mammoth pecan halves kissed with pure cane sugar are deliciously addictive.
They give you fair warning: these nuts are so delectable, you may not be able to keep your hand out of the bag.  They slow roast big, flavorful pecans with a bit of organic canola oil to give them featherweight texture and amazing crunch.  Each nut is then sweetened just right with nothing but the purest cane sugar.  Eat them straight out of the bag and be transported to a more carefree time when treats were as innocent as they were delightful.  Toss them in a spinach-and-blue-cheese salad to give your lunch an instant status upgrade.

About The Candied Walnuts

Deliciously back-to-basics: These creamy walnuts kissed with pure cane sugar are dreamily delectable.
Oh, the noble walnut: so rich, so flavorful, so ready to be Santé-fied!  They slow roast premium walnuts with a bit of organic canola oil to give them their trademark light texture and amazing crunch.  Each nut is then sweetened just right with nothing but the purest cane sugar.  Put a bowl out at your next party and watch them disappear.  Mix them into your favorite pancake recipe and your kids will call you a superhero.

About the Garlic Almonds

Zesty garlic, cayenne and black pepper give these almonds their savory punch. A touch of pure cane sugar makes them irresistible.
Buckle your seatbelts: these crisp almonds are as peppy as a sportscar.  How do they get them that way?  They slow roast them with a bit of organic canola oil to give them their  trademark light texture and amazing crunch.  They then season them with their secret recipe of zingy spices and sweeten them just right with nothing but the purest cane sugar.  Keep a bag in your desk at work for an afternoon pick-me-up that’s way healthier than a candy bar.  Just make sure you lock the drawer.  These nuts have a way of vanishing when you’re not looking.  These are my favorite, I love that zesty favor!

About The Roasted Salted Pecans

Deliciousness pure and simple: Mammoth pecan halves roasted and salted to perfection.
Be prepared: Their pecans will forever change what you think about regular roasted nuts.  That’s because they use a secret family recipe (shhhh!).  They carefully roast them with a bit of organic canola oil to make them light as air and oh-so-crunchy and then add just enough salt to make them undeniably delicious.  Of course, they’re to die for straight from the bag.  But don’t stop there. Chop up a handful for your grandmom’s chocolate chip cookie recipe.  Toss with linguini, shrimp and olive oil.  Sprinkle over waffles with syrup.  The possibilities are endless.

About Santè Nuts

Like most good things, it all started in the kitchen.

Six years ago, Sara Tidhar found herself in a predicament.  She had suddenly become a single mom and realized that to make ends meet, her stay-at-home status had to change and quick.

So she did what came naturally: She started to cook.  She hoped the comfort she felt at the stove would help her think of a way to continue putting food on the table.  But it was her son who came up with the solution: “Mom, you should sell those nuts you make for us.”
  Sara had been making roasted nuts for her kids since they were little.  She felt good about giving them a healthy snack, and the kids were crazy about them.

She’d learned her secret roasting technique from her grandmother, who’d made nuts in her tiny kitchen as a special treat for Sara and her cousins.  Sara’s love of good seasonings had been passed down from her grandfather, who traveled the globe at the turn of the century as a spice trader.  To Sara, it seemed right that her new profession would honor her connection to family.

She started out selling mostly to local cafés in Silicon Valley, and it turned out that people loved the nuts as much as her kids did.  Making nuts quickly turned into a 24-hour-a-day endeavor.  In fact, she slept by the oven most nights.  It wasn’t long before a major national grocery retailer took notice.  The next thing she knew, Sara was standing in front of her kitchen stove, holding orders for thousands of cases of nuts.

She couldn’t afford to be in shock for long.  She had to go out and find people to help her fill the orders.  Everyone worked day and night crafting the nuts, never taking a shortcut.  They made the order deadline.  Sara still remembers how she cried when she finally got to hand out the first paychecks.  Because in building her team, she found more than just workers for her business; she found a new family.

Six years later, many of those original employees are still working for Santé.  Sara has created a truly exceptional workplace for everyone, offering competitive wages, health and dental insurance and other benefits.  It’s all part of Sara’s passion to create a company with soul.  One that’s committed to the health and happiness of every employee.  One that handcrafts products with love and integrity.

Sara’s proud that she now gets to share her nuts, so everyone can join her in her mission to Celebrate Life Every Day.

The also have a Food and Wine Pairing for their nuts!

A product sample was received for review. I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting. The opinions expressed are my own and were NOT influenced in any way.

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