Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Smurfs Holiday Celebration Review

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Are your children excited that the holidays are coming up?  Children love the holidays and watching all the fun holiday shows.  I got a fun one to tell you about, it's The Surfs Holiday Celebration!  The kids love the Smurfs.  I gave this to my grandsons and they wanted to watch it right now.  So, of course I had to watch it with them.  It's really a cute dvd, it has two animated seasonal Smurf treasures for the whole family!

About The Smurfs Holiday Celebration

Warner Home Video brings two very merry specials, Tis The Season to be Smurfy and The Smurfs’ Christmas Special onto one DVD with the release of The Smurfs Holiday Celebration, became available October 4, 2011.  In these two delightful tales, the little blue friends touch the lives of those in need and spread Christmas cheer to everyone around them, as they impart valuable lessons about the spirit of giving and sharing.

In the Emmy Award nominated The Smurfs’ Christmas Special, the Smurfs encounter two children, Guinevere and William, who have lost their way in the snowy woods after a mysterious stranger prompts their sleigh to turn over.  Before reuniting the kids with their family, the Smurfs invite them to their village to enjoy in their annual Christmas celebration which includes gifts, treats, singing and dancing.  Thinking Papa Smurf is Santa Claus and the rest of the Smurfs are his Elves, Guinevere and William blissfully partake in the holiday merry making.  The mysterious stranger however, still lurks in the woods in hopes of capturing the kids.  He goes so far as enticing the evil Gargamel to help him kidnap the two. Will the Smurfs help Guinevere and William reunite with their family?

In Tis The Season To Be Smurfy, Grandpa Smurf and Sassette visit a village to witness how human beings celebrate the holidays.  While at the village, they are touched by the plight of Gustav, a poor, aging toymaker whose wife Elise is hopelessly ill.  Determined to help them, Grandpa and Sassette call on their fellow Smurfs to bring some Christmas cheer into the old couple’s lives.  Overnight, they lavishly decorate Gustav and Elise’s home with a Christmas tree, gifts and treats.  The authorities however, accuse the poor couple of having pick-pocketed a villager in order to afford their extravagant feast.  Will the Smurfs come to their rescue before the sheriff arrests Gustav on Christmas day?

The Smurfs Holiday Celebration offers consumers a set of two heartwarming stories that are sure to bring viewers into the spirit of the holiday season,” said Mary Ellen Thomas, WHV Executive Marketing Director of Non-Theatrical Franchise.  She added, “What’s wonderful about both of these specials is that not only are they entertaining and enjoyable to watch, but they also offer young viewers important messages about selflessness and compassion. The Smurfs Holiday Celebration is a fun, seasonal title to own and also makes a great gift-giving idea.”

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