Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What to consider when making a bunk bed fit for your children’s room

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Bunk Beds can be a real treat for your adventurous little ones.  Kids love crawling up a ladder to go to bed and overlook their room from up high.  And when siblings share a room the space saved from a bunk bed is dramatic.

One of the most common sizes of are twin over twin bunk beds. These fit great in any room take up the least space widthwise of any other bunk.  Now, bunk beds are certainly different than traditional kinds of beds.  Because of this they require some simple know-how regarding design in order to make them work optimally in your child’s room.  Consider the following few tips.

First of all, know your space.  If the room is small, you will want to purchase a thin framed bunk bed.  You can find many metal-framed bunk beds that are quite thin and work well for smaller rooms.  If your room is fairly large, you can feel free to buy a larger framed, wooden bunk bed.  This is important because a bunk bed that is too big for a room can dominate the space.

Next up is choosing the proper finish.  If your child’s room is full of light colors like white, powder blue, and pastels, consider a bunk bed with a white finish.  White and other light color finished bunk beds work well for girls too.  Darker finished bunk beds are more masculine and work great for little boys.  They also fit well in rooms with darker colors like reds, dark blues, tan, and gold.

Lastly think about the theme.  Not all bunk beds are strictly utility, one bed over another.  Some furniture manufacturers have unique takes on twin over twin bunk beds that are made to look like castles and pirate ships.  These are certainly pricier than simpler bunk beds, but if your child’s room has a theme, these might be worth the investment to pull off a beautiful finished look.

Whatever bunk bed you’re looking for, you cannot go wrong so long as you check the size of the room, take its colors into account, and consider

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