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Nature Made Vitamin D - #CBIAS #VitaminD

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Nature Made Vitamin D

What do you do to maintain your health?  I believe in trying your best to maintain your health with vitamins, minerals, herbs and other health products.  Vitamin D is a very important vitamin, that is beneficial to our health and will help us to maintain our health as we age.  I feel that by taking a vitamin it may help me stay younger and more healthy.  If I can take a vitamin to help prevent an illness or disease to some degree I'm definitely going to do it.  My mother had colon cancer and Vitamin D helps support a healthy colon.  So, I feel a little prevention might go along ways.

In my opinion I feel that vitamins are your best options, especially if you don't eat a very healthy diet.  I try to make vegetable juice at least once a week, but sometimes I get too busy and I just don't have time.  I don't want to jeopardize my health, so I take a lot of vitamins, minerals, herbs, coconut oil, molasses and eat some healthy snacks.

My family lives in the northwest and we don't get a lot of sunny days, especially in the winter.  So, there is a good chance a lot of us here in the northwest are deficient of Vitamin D.  My son was very depressed a few months back and I told him to take vitamin D3, I even gave him a bottle of it.  He has worked a lot of grave yard shifts and when he is home in his apartment he is usually in he's bedroom, where it is pretty dark.  He told me that he has been taking it and I have noticed that his mood has improved a lot, since he has been taking it.

Did you know that Vitamin D supports the absorption of Calcium?  Vitamin D also supports breast, colon and prostate health.  Vitamin D can also contribute to a healthy mood.  A multitude of studies support it's role in immune health.  Now, that's what I like to hear, something that helps the immune system.  Everybody needs to protect their immune system.

The family of fat-soluble D vitamins has two primary forms: vitamin D2 and vitamin D3.  Both kinds of Vitamin D boast properties beneficial to our bone, tooth, muscular and immune health.  Did you know that if you are deficient in both, it can cause symptoms like low mood and energy, and affect heart health?  I knew about the low mood.  I researched it online before.

Vitamin D has two forms, D3 can be manufactured naturally by humans when skin is exposed to sunlight, D2 is found only in plants and not as effective in maintaining adequate levels of Vitamin D in your body.  So, it is better to choose D3, also known as "cholecalciferol", when choosing a Vitamin D supplement.
It is recommended that healthy adults take 1000 IU per day of Vitamin D3 and children take 400 IU per day.  Vitamin D3 2000 IU is perfect for the adult who feels they would benefit from a supplement at a higher dosage (due to low sun exposure in the winter season, heavy sunscreen usage, etc.) or has been recommended a higher dosage by their physician.


Vitamin D Deficiency:

Did you know that 40% of Americans over 50 are deficient in Vitamin D?  Vitamin D is plentiful in many dairy products and our own bodies manufacture it while exposed to sunlight, but a decrease in milk and lack of exposure to sunlight as we age has led to an increased deficiency in adults.

Vitamin D and Calcium go hand in hand.  The Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium in the blood stream, which is vital to maintaining bone strength and tooth health.  Calcium without Vitamin D is insoluble, and cannot be absorbed by the body.  Vitamin D develops strong bones and teeth, and if we suffer from a deficiency of it we are more prone to fractures and cavities.

Geography and weight also play a role in your body’s level of Vitamin D.  Even if with normal sun exposure you do make enough Vitamin D, in the fall and winter months you might not be making enough because of lack of sunlight.  There’s an enzyme under the skin that is converted by sunlight to manufacture Vitamin D--much like a plant that already contains chlorophyll, but needs sunlight to help convert it into food.

People who are medically obese are also at a risk for Vitamin D deficiencies.  Because of the extra fat beneath the skin, the enzymes that sunlight converts are not as easily reached.  For this reason, people who are 20% heavier than their normal weight range should supplement their diet with Vitamin D to make sure their body is receiving enough of this essential nutrient.

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