Sunday, November 6, 2011

V: The Complete Second Season - Alien Visitors

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Would You Trust The Aliens?

In episode 9, Anna tries to bliss a human.  She is elated that she can control humans the same way she does Visitors.  Now she simply has to bliss the humans into listening to her in order to gain total control of Earth.  If aliens were to come to Earth, do you imagine they would be peaceful or manipulative and treacherous like Anna, what would you do?

If aliens came to earth I would think they would be manipulative or treacherous.
I would keep my distants.  I would not trust them, until they have proven themselves, but then again they may appear peaceful! 

Would you trust them until given a reason not to or would you distrust them until proven otherwise?

I could not trust them, at least not right away.  It would probably take 6 months or a year before I think I could trust them.  You don't know if they are faking being peaceful aliens or not.  It would be a hard thing to trust them.

What do you think?

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Odd! I had no idea V even had a second season.

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