Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bunk Beds for Boys

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If you are looking for furniture for your little boy’s room, cool bunk beds may be an obvious solution. The stackable beds designed for climbing seem to be made with young boys in mind. When you are planning a room that you want to appear undeniably boyish, however, you can go one step further and choose bunk beds that are unquestionably masculine, such as the styles described below.

A tented bunk bed in primary colors will not only entice your little guy to go to bed at night or naptime, but it may also lure him away from television and video games. These bunk beds come in a variety of designs, including tents on the top bunk only, a tented bottom bunk or even tents that attach to the side of the beds –perfect for sleepovers with more than two children in the room. Additional features may include external ladders and even slides that you can attach to the top bunk, creating a virtual indoor playground. You may have a difficult time extracting your little man from his bedroom with this setup.

Boys love racecar beds that they can pretend to drive in the Indy 500, but did you know that there are automobile themed bunk beds available as well? Some resemble tractor-trailers, with both beds tucked inside of the semi truck cab. Others look like double decker busses, complete with steps at one end in place of the traditional ladder found on other bunk beds. There are even racecar style bunk beds with a car as the bottom bunk, a traditional bunk on top and a bonus trundle that pulls out from under the set, offering even more sleeping room.

There are many other wood bunkbeds designed with young males in mind. Choose sports-themed sets in team colors decorated with NFL, NBA or other sports-related embellishments for a boy who dreams of making the pros one day. Spaceship bunk beds that are built to look like an interplanetary space station would be ideal in a boys’ room decorated with stars and moons on the ceilings and walls and a telescope pointed out the window. Find a fire station set complete with a firefighter’s pole for the kiddo who wants to be a hero. A set built in unfinished wood that includes lots of gears, ropes and ladders would appeal to any boy who would rather be outdoors.

Finding the perfect set of bunk beds for the young man in your life will not be difficult. Simply think about the things he loves to do or dreams of doing one day and you are sure to find the ultimate piece of furniture for his room.

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jopb said... Best Blogger Tips

Having bunk beds like these turn the bedroom into a playground and the boys would want to play there all day. The only problem might be getting them to settle down at night.

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