Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Preparing your Home for Guests

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We all like to have guests visit our home. Whether it’s just for a movie night or you plan to have them stay the month, you need to take special consideration when choosing furniture to accommodate the extra people.

When it was just you and your significant other then you were fine with a love seat and a couple chairs in the living room but that’s not going to cut it for movie night with friends. You are going to need to get at least one good sized couch, depending on how many people are coming over and how cozy you want to get with them. Futons are a great option because they can be dropped into their bed position for the ultimate in lounging movie enjoyment. You may want to consider getting a bunch of floor seating options, like large pillows with a lot plushy cushioning. Give your room a bit of an Indian boudoir feel.

Speaking of futons, they are a great option if you plan to have people stay the night but don’t have the room for an independent guest room. You can also use a set of adult bunk beds in your own bedroom to increase the sleeping space without taking up any more floor space. Unlike futons, adult bunk beds are beds first and are made to be just as comfortable as a regular bed. Why not use both futons and bunk beds to really increase the potential sleeping space for those nights that your friends had a bit too much wine during that romantic comedy and just need to crash. There’s no reason to force them sleep on a couch and wake up with a stiff back. Give them all the sleeping options you can offer.

These are just a few options you can use to increase the potential seating and sleeping space pretty significantly in a small space. We can’t all have giant houses with personal theaters.

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momto8 said... Best Blogger Tips

futons are great for kids sleep overs too!

jopb said... Best Blogger Tips

Futons are great for kids, but not so much for older people. I have to look into the adult bunk beds or have at least one sofa bed.

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