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Nutraluxe Laser Hair Therapy Treatment System Review and Giveaway - Ends 03-02-12

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Hair Therapy

Do you have thinning hair?  Have you noticed after shampooing your hair, that there is a lot of hair in the drain?  I can really relate to that, I lose a lot of hair.  I really notice it when I comb my hair out after shampooing it and the sink is full of hair.  I received than awesome opportunity to review the Low Level Light Hair Therapy Treatment System from Nutraluxe.  The system included the Nutra Laser Comb, Hair Active Professional Strength, Hair Active Luscious Volumizing Shampoo and Hair Active Luscious Volumizing Conditioner.

Hair Loss

About the Nutra Laser Comb

LOW LEVEL LASER LIGHT THERAPY, for Fuller, Thicker, Healthier Hair in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  Nutra Laser is technically designed equally to the Lasers used in Hair restoration Clinics.  Hair LOW LEVEL COLD Lasers have shown to stimulate the follicles to help stop Hair loss.  This therapy is a new treatment system that has proven to be effective for Women and Men.

Thousands of users have experienced the benefits and success of this non-invasive, pain free laser treatment.  Laser Hair Therapy Treatment System gained increased popularity over the past 10 years through its acceptance by Hair Loss Professionals as well as Clinics and through positive coverage by the press about this new technology.

Laser Comb

18 Low Level Cold Laser Lights provide stimulation to the cells in your hair follicles, which Hair Active Serum as well and Hair Active Shampoo and Conditioner with its specific active ingredient will work in synergy to help promote the appearance of FULLER, THICKER and HEALTHIER Hair.

Nutra Laser Light Treatment compares to Clinic Lasers in performance and results in the privacy of your home for a fraction of the cost.

  • Has Shown to slow down or stop hair loss
  • Stimulates dormant hair follicles and strengthens existing ones
  • Reduces or eliminates the “NO GROW” cycle of your hairs.
  • Increases thickness of existing hairs
  • Delivers nutrients and vitamins to the scalp
  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Gives your hair natural bounce and shine
  • Can be used on colored or dyed hair
  • Formulated to revive dormant follicles and weak hair while also naturally thickening your normal hair giving it fuller appearance.
  • Gives your hair back a natural healthy look, bounce and shine

About the Hair Active Luscious Volumizing Shampoo
A fountain of Minerals and Vitamin in this shampoo with give your hair all the daily minimums to prevent hair damage and hair loss.

Extract Jojoba Extract treats and prevents future hair damage.  Hydrolyzed Wheat Proteins help repair and prevent split ends and smooth out the surface of the hair stem.

Hydrolized Silk Proteins will let your hair shine and glow.  It also makes your hair feel smooth, healthy and flow freely.  Encapsulated I.C. Prostaglandin will help to reduce or stop hair loss, stimulate weak and dormant follicles and make existing hair thicker and fuller.


About the Hair Active Luscious Volumizing Conditioner
This rinse Conditioner incorporates the latest natural and botanical ingredients to make your hair look and feel fuller and more vibrant without harsh chemicals.

Hydrolyzed Wheat Proteins nourish your hair and help prevent and repair split hair ends.  Hydrolyzed Silk Proteins give your Hair a healthy and natural shine and glow.  It makes it flexible and flowing.

Their natural Botanicals will give your hair all the Minarals and Vitmins to repair damages from the environment to make your hair feel and look healthy.

Encapsulated I.C. Prostaglandin will help to reduce or stop hair loss, stimulate weak and dormant follicles and make existing hair thicker and fuller.

Hair Treatment

About the Professional Strength Hair Active
Hair Active Professional works for men and women to stimulate and rejuvenate your weak and dormant hair follicles to regain and maintain healthy strong hair.  This extraordinary and exclusive hair rejuvenation tonic utilizes the most advanced ingredient technology on the market today.  This technology was derived from the best selling eyelash conditioners, which have been proven to rejuvunate eyelashes and eyebrows longer, fuller and thicker, and is now available for the head hair.  It will not only stimulate your hair so that it looks fuller and thicker again, it also gives your hair body, bounce and vitality.

This revolutionary hair growing technology was clinically researched, physician formulated and tested by A. Hawrych, MD. Hair Active Professional is a professional strength, alcohol and chemical free treatment tonic, not a foam or filler.  Foam or fillers only stick to your hair and give a short-term visual improvement or sense that you have fuller and thicker hair.  Formulated to revive dormant follicles and weak hair while also thickening your normal hair naturally for a fuller appearance.  Hair Active is a light clear solution that is applied with a fine mist spray that will restore your hair back to a natural healthy look, bounce, and shine.

Thick Hair

 I couldn't wait to try the Nutraluxe Laser Hair Therapy Treatment System!  I had to charge the Nutra Laser Comb  for 24 hours before using.  After 24 hours I was excited to use it, I turned it on and started combing away.  It felt good on my scalp, probably due to the large bristles on the comb.  I didn't feel the laser at all.  It is very easy to use!  You can use the Nutra Laser Comb 3 times a week and you will see results in 3-5 months, but individuals may vary.

Customer Comments

I know it is too early to really tell if it's working, but if it will help hairloss.  I feel it is worth trying.  The shampoo and conditioner are full of hydrolyzed wheat proteins, minerals, vitamins and encapsulated I.C. prostaglandin for the hair.  The Hair Active Professional Strength delivers nutrients and vitamins to the scalp  With all of these awesome products I feel that my hair can't go wrong.  They all help slow down or stop hair loss, so what do I have to lose?  Every woman wants thick and beautiful hair.  I feel good about these products, especially since they are all natural and I would recommend them! 

Thicker Hair

The shampoo and conditioner smell heavenly!  The shampoo lathers very well.  Since I have been using the shampoo and conditioner, my hair has been really soft and manageable!  The Professional Strength Hair Active is easy to apply to your scalp.  It comes with a 1 oz dropper in a glass bottle.  You can use the Professional Strength Hair Active after washing your hair or any time of the day.  Just separate the hair from the treatment area and apply the serum with one push of the dropper pump on to the scalp.  All you need is a small amount of the serum.  Use your fingertips, gently massage the serum into the scalp.  You can do this twice a day.

About Nutra Luxe M.D.

Nutra Luxe MD, LLC was founded by Mr. Peter von Berg whose objective was to develop scientifically advanced, clinically proven anti-aging skin therapies with advanced technology. The result is a line of women and men skin treatments with encapsulated vitamins, peptides, and various active ingredients without parabens, preservatives, cream fillers, emollients or stabilizers.  Formulated in Germany, by a team of scientists and doctors, Dr Hawrych whose name brands the products are available worldwide.  The ingredients maintain integrity and potency through innovative encapsulated technology.  In 2008 Mr. von Berg partnered with Christine Pemberton who manages the Canadian division, Nutra Luxe MD Canada. 

Nutra Luxe MD is not just another skin care Company.  It is a Research and development oriented Company that puts innovation and Quality first thereby providing the best and healthiest, TRUE ALL NATURAL products to you, the consumer.

Nutra Luxe MD has developed a micro-encapsulation technology for all its ingredients, which allows us to eliminate all preservatives, namely harmful PARABEMS, crème fillers and thickeners, starch and emulsifiers, none of which bring any benefits to the skin.  The micro-encapsulation technology also prevents all active ingredients from interacting with each other which often changes their original chemical structure.  This happens in creams and lotions, resulting in loss of performance.  Their technology will preserve the original potency of the ingredients up to the second they are pumped on your skin and the capsules burst.

Their goal is to create the most advanced products, providing maximum results for the concerned consumer, while achieving immediate and log term therapeutic benefits and improvement.

With Nutra Luxe MD products. Aging is now an Option..
They hope you join their family and experience the close and personal customer service they offer.  They will always work hard to earn your trust and they are confident that you will enjoy their products and love the results.

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