Thursday, February 16, 2012

Safeway 100% Florida Orange Juice - Be Well. Save Well. #CBias and #FloridaOJ

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Florida Orange Juice
Do you get plenty of 100% orange juice?  The Florida Orange Juice is a great way to get the important vitamins, minerals and critical antioxidants needed to help support your body's natural defenses.  Just make sure it says "100% Juice" on the label.  Did you know that 100% Orange Juice is a vitamin C-rich juice, that it is all natural and a key source of nutrients that will help you support the immune system as well as overall health?  Be sure to check out Florida's Orange Juice Facebook page for more great information and watch the informative video.


The Cold, Cough and Flu season is here, are you prepared?  I received an awesome opportunity to shop at Safeway and put a Cold, Cough and Flu kit together for my family.  I went to the pharmacy and picked up the Be Well, Save Well pamphlet.  It is full of great information and valuable coupons to help keep your family healthy.  You can check out all the great pictures I took during my shopping trip on Google+.

Cold Kit

Okay, maybe I went a little over board on putting my Cold Cough and Flu kit together, but I love being prepared!  You got to get plenty of fruits and vegetables, so for my kit, I made sure to get at least 2 oranges.  For hydration I got Coconut Water.  Now for a little herbal tea I got Echinacea Plus tea.  Oh, can't forget the Cold and Cough medicine.  I definitely made sure I got the 100% Florida Orange Juice!  I got some Greek Gods yogurt for the probiotics.  I take a lot of supplements, but here are the ones that I take that are good for colds and flu's, Zinc, Astragalus, Vitamin C, D3 and Garlic Oil.  Oh, can't forget the tissues.   Oops, I almost forgot the probiotics and Emergen-C


I think I did a great job of putting a deluxe Cold, Cough and Flu kit together!  Be sure to stop by your local Safeway store to pick up a container of 100% Florida Orange Juice and the Be Well, Save Well pamphlet for some awesome ideas on keeping your family well during the Cold, Cough and Flu season!

Are you prepared for this season's Cold, Cough and Flu season?  What do you use during Cold, Cough and Flu season?   

Check out how other people are getting prepared for Cold, Cough and Flu Season!
#FloridaOJ and #CBias

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Brandi said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey! You can never go overboard when it comes to keeping your family healthy! This is an amazing CCF kit. Those yucky germs don't stand a chance against you!!

mglawler said... Best Blogger Tips

Great kit!

Beeb said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks like a very comprehensive kit! You should be well-stocked for a while!

mglawler said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks great!

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