Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yardley London Review

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Have you gotten your Mother a Mother's Day gift yet?  Did you think about a gift of fragrance?  For this review I received one Yardley London (Sea Minerals) Scrub & Smooth Bath Bar, one (Mango Cream) Body Butter Cleansing Bar and one Mango & Lily Bath & Shower Gel.  The bath bar and the cleansing bar smell fabulous!  As for the (Mango & Lily) Bath and Shower Gel it smells just as fabulous and it leaves my skin feeling so soft.  These would be the perfect gift for Mom on Mother's Day.  Get a basket and fill it up with a variety of Yardley London fragrant soaps and bath & Shower gels.  I know I would love getting a basket full of Yardley London products!  She'd love it!  All three of the Yardley products I received were fabulous and I would recommend them!

About Yardley London

Yardley London, just launched of the new Yardley Skin Indulgence Collection.  The new premium bath collection offers a new assortment of moisturizing bath bars and shower gels that are paraben and gluten free and available in an array of boutique-inspired fragrances.  The new collection will launch in the U.S. beginning Spring 2012.

Yardley Skin Indulgence Bath Bars offer specific skin conditioning benefits.  The Body Butter Mango Cream Cleansing Bar, containing pure mango, avocado and olive butter, moisturizes while you shower for soft, healthy skin year round.  The Scrub & Smooth Sea Minerals Bath Bar exfoliates and smoothes skin as it firms and tones.  Both varieties are made with good-for-you ingredients and are 98% plant-derived with a natural, pure vegetable base.

Yardley Skin Indulgence Bath Bars will also feature eco-friendly packaging in the form of recyclable cartons in addition to a biodegradable formula.  Priced at $2.49 - $2.99 per bar, the new Yardley Skin Indulgence Collection Bath Bars are a great value, more affordable than other specialty store/natural bath bar alternatives and are available in drugstores nationwide.

A new line of ultra concentrated bath products, Yardley Skin Indulgence Bath & Shower Gels were created for women who care just as much about the environment as they do their skin.  Available in three fragrance varieties, the Sea Minerals Exfoliating Shower Gel delivers the benefits of dead sea minerals and nourishing plant extracts to exfoliate, tighten and tone the skin, while the Lavender & Rosemary Bath & Shower Gel combines lavender and rosemary extract to ease away stress & soothe your skin.  The Mango & Lily Bath & Shower Gel contains real mango butter to hydrate & soften skin and is scented with juicy mango, a hint of lilies in bloom and herbal calendula extracts.

Yardley Skin Indulgence Bath & Shower Gels feature healthy, botanical extracts that smooth and moisturize the skin naturally.  The collection uses a biodegradable formula and will be packaged in 50% recycled bottles with a convenient built-in pump for less waste.  In addition to the already-affordable price of just $4.99 per bottle, the Skin Indulgence Bath & Shower Gels are ultra concentrated for long-lasting moisture, allowing you to use half the amount you would usually use of a regular bath and shower gel – therefore saving you even more money!

A product sample was received for review. I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting. The opinions expressed are my own and were NOT influenced in any way.

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