Thursday, June 21, 2012

CATCH! Dangerous Tales and Manly Recipes from the Bering Sea Cookbook Review

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Have you ever watched Deadliest Catch on TV?  I have seen it many times and I know I wouldn't want to be out on the Bering Sea!  I received a great opportunity to review Catch!, it's a great book on the Dangerous Tales and Manly Recipes from the Bering Sea with Travis Lofland (deckhand) and with Chef Jason Lofland!  This is an awesome book, as well as a great cookbook!  Yum, this cookbook has so many delicious recipes.  The first one I made was Seafoam Peanut Butter Pie, oh you talk about good, my family just loved it and wants me to make it all the time.  I have made five of the recipes and my favorite was the Sweet Onion Battered Halibut!  I am very impressed with all the great recipes in this cookbook and I would highly recommend it!

About Catch!

Dangerous Tales and Manly Recipes from the Bering Sea

Travis Lofland makes his living as a deckhand and cook on the Bering Sea doing one of the deadliest jobs on the planet:  Alaskan king crab fishing.  But you don’t have to travel the seven seas to taste the best food the ocean has to offer.

In Catch!, Travis shares his secrets for navigating the high seas and making great food that will stick to your ribs.  Whether you’re four or ninety-four, Travis believes that everyone has a bit of fisherman in them.  Whether you’re cooking in a galley or on your porch, you’ll find great tips for putting smiles on hungry faces.  So fire up the barbecue and call your crew.  These recipes will put meat on your bones so you can return to the Bering Sea.  Sample chapter titles and recipes include:
  • Snag a First Date Appetizers: Sure to Impress Chipotle Avocado Brie Melt
  • Soups and Manwiches: Slap a Smile on Your Face Ahi Sandwich
  • Lose the Beer Belly Salads: Dutch Harbor Salmonberry Vinaigrette
  • Excursion Entrees: At Sea Sashimi
  • Boat Meals: Nuked King Crab Legs
  • Tuck in Your Shirt, but Don’t Bother with the Tie Entrees: Reckless Red Salmon
  • Desserts: Slimy Limey Coconut Sundae
You can purchase this awesome book from Thomas Nelson for $24.99!

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Mimzy Wimzy said... Best Blogger Tips

I am going to have to consider this as a gift for my Hubby! He loves Deadliest Catch {He wants to spend a season on a boat, I said oh to the no!} He also loves to cook! This would give him the best of both worlds!

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