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5-Hour ENERGY Review and Giveaway - Ends 09-08-12

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This review and giveaway was made possible by Smiley360 and 5-Hour Energy.  A product sample was received for review.  I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting. The opinions expressed are my own and were NOT influenced in any way.


Do you have enough energy to get through the day?  Have you ever tried 5-Hour ENERGY?  I have always wanted to try it, but didn't until I received this wonderful opportunity to do a review on it.  I was a little hesitant and I didn't know what it might do to me.  Well, I read all the information about it and it sounded great!  I decided to drink just half of the bottle, since I was so hesitant about trying it.  It tasted awesome!  It definitely gave me energy!  I got a lot done that day.  For me I found that a half a bottle was perfect.  I don't drink coffee, so I wasn't use to caffeine, but the caffeine and the vitamins in the 5-Hour ENERGY gave me the get up and go power I needed to get everything done.  For this review I received a 6-pack of 5-Hour Energy, in the Berry Flavor.  I would highly recommend 5-Hour ENERGY!

About 5-Hour Energy

5-hour ENERGY is a liquid energy shot that can help you feel sharp and alert for hours.  5-Hour ENERGY is packed with B vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients found in everyday foods, or that are already in you.  It contains zero sugar, zero herbal stimulants and only four calories.  It has as much caffeine as a cup of the leading premium coffee.

5-Hour ENERGY shots take just seconds to drink and are light and portable.  They easily fit in your desk drawer, glove box, locker, purse or backpack.  They are non-carbonated and require no refrigeration so you can drink it any time you need a quick boost.

Original 5-hour ENERGY shots contain about as much caffeine as a cup of premium coffee.  An Extra Strength 5-hour ENERGY shot contains about as much caffeine as 12 ounces of coffee.  If you are sensitive to caffeine try a Decaf 5-hour ENERGY shot.  It contains only as much caffeine as a half cup of decaffeinated coffee.

Everyone needs a little help staying sharp during their busy day.  Perhaps you can't get it together in the morning.  Maybe you hit the wall every afternoon.  Or you need some motivation to get off the couch and work out.  When you can't afford the letdown, try 5-Hour ENERGY.  It brushes away the cobwebs to help you feel bright, alert and ready to keep going.

Recommended Use:  Drink ½ bottle (0.965 oz.) for moderate energy.  For maximum energy, drink one whole bottle.  Do not exceed two bottles of 5-Hour Energy shots daily, consumed several hours apart. Refrigeration not required.  Use or discard any remainder within 72 hours (three days) after initial opening.

CAUTION:  Contains caffeine comparable to a cup of the leading premium coffee.  Limit caffeine products to avoid nervousness, sleeplessness and occasional rapid heartbeat.  You may experience a Niacin Flush (hot feeling, skin redness) that lasts a few minutes.  This is caused by Niacin (Vitamin B3) increasing blood flow near the skin.
  • Do not take if you are pregnant, nursing or under 12 years of age.
  • Diabetics:  5-hour ENERGY is sugar free.  However, check with your doctor before taking 5-hour ENERGY if you have concerns about how it may affect you.
  • There are no animal products added to 5-hour ENERGY.
***There are four Tweets you can do each day for 8 extra entries, but must be 3 hours apart! Your entry will be disqualified if you do not leave a link or your user name when asked. 

There has been many entries that have won, but were disqualified for not leaving a link and user name when asked! 

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Giveaway ends September 08, 2012 (12:01 AM EST)
One person per household may enter.
The giveaway is only opened to the United States.    
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39 Awesome Comments! Thanks for visiting!:

Dain and Ali said... Best Blogger Tips

Not me, my husband! He works long days and he loves five hour energy! :)

Debra Guillen said... Best Blogger Tips

Would give this to my son. He works mid-shift and often needs a boost. Debra L. Guillen

BowieTip said... Best Blogger Tips

B vitamins are a hangover cure. Alcohol is a diuretic that flushes water soluble vitamins from the body via urination. 5-Hour Energy replaces the vitamins lost, thus countering hangover and giving an energy boost to boot.

Hope to win!

michele376 said... Best Blogger Tips

I have a hard time getting started in the morning. On days when I need to accomplish a lot I take 5-Hour Energy.

Ericka said... Best Blogger Tips

I need more energy to keep up with my 3 kids, they are always wanting to go go go lol. Thanks for the chance!

Michelle S. said... Best Blogger Tips

Lately I seem to need more energy all the time :o( Hubby just started working a different shift and I have not adjusted yet. I will say I need the most help about 2 pm in the afternoon at work.

rj7777 said... Best Blogger Tips

I take a lot of medicine for my blood pressure and it makes me tired. I used to be quite hyper and this has changed!!! I would love to try it. Rita Spratlen

rj7777 said... Best Blogger Tips

I tweeted in a row and wasn't sure if they were the same tweets or what. Sometimes they aren't. I am surprised twitter let me tweet in a row. ? I am not sure if they were the same ones. Rita Spratlen

Kathy said... Best Blogger Tips

I stay up too late reading at night. Then my energy wanes mid-afternoon.

gloria4869 said... Best Blogger Tips

for my self to get me going

melsywsou said... Best Blogger Tips

I am on the road all of the time.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I have loonnngg days at work and this would help me power thru!

Cheeky Momma said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm a busy stat ay home mom of two young children, I need all the energy I can get!

Helen Keeler said... Best Blogger Tips

I am child care provider and need more energy to get through the day.

Heather! said... Best Blogger Tips

My body tends to burn slowly, and I always need a little help in the form of 'pep'. I'd love to try this because it sounds like it won't make me jittery.

h4schaffer at gmail dot com

Jim Lipscomb said... Best Blogger Tips

Energy is fun.

Tiffany Christie said... Best Blogger Tips

I work nights and could always use more energy

lilbabypug said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm a busy mom and grandma, I need all the energy I can get

Rich said... Best Blogger Tips

i a single father of two young children and i'm in grad school. 'nough said? lol

Heather R said... Best Blogger Tips

I am having to take care of my kids, my nieces, take my daughter to her activities and still have enough energy to get the housework completed!

MMcCrea said... Best Blogger Tips

I need more energy to run after my 15 month old son!

Karen said... Best Blogger Tips

I need more energy because I work nights.


Kate said... Best Blogger Tips

I pull a LOT of 12-hr shifts, these could definitely come in handy!

Laura said... Best Blogger Tips

I need these to avoid that dreadful 2:00 slump!

saturdaynightfever said... Best Blogger Tips

There are not enough hours during the day!

Julzii99 said... Best Blogger Tips

I need more energy to keep up with my two year old!

Ashley Morrissey said... Best Blogger Tips

Expecting my first little bundle of joy with my fiance (it's a boy!) and that will be my exhausting full time job! My fiance, however, is a full time roofer/laborer :) we'll need this!!

-Ashley Marie Morrissey

Carolyn said... Best Blogger Tips

I feel like I'm always tired at work.

amy16323 said... Best Blogger Tips

i take care of three kids and i get exhausted quick

bethanne95376 said... Best Blogger Tips

I have two kids....toddler aged. Enough said. :)

laurasloves said... Best Blogger Tips

With a 12 month old and 3 year old I feel like I am all out of energy by 7 in the morning!
lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

Mya Murphy said... Best Blogger Tips

I need more energy because my husband just got a new job that starts freaking early and this lack of sleep is KILLING ME!!!!

Trisha McKee said... Best Blogger Tips

I need energy because I'm job hunting.

tridingermckee at gmail dot com

~Kelly said... Best Blogger Tips

I work with kids, I'm always tired.

cassandra said... Best Blogger Tips

I need energy becaus I go to work and school!
fb: rab pom

schueler1 said... Best Blogger Tips

I get up at 6 every morning and I have a family of 6 to take care of plus a dog and house to clean

Sumer Blaker said... Best Blogger Tips

My fiance works third shift so he gets tired a lot at work. He uses these all the time.

Gianna said... Best Blogger Tips

I'd love it for my husband.. he's in need of energy.

Michael said... Best Blogger Tips

I need more energey to do all the Caltech work.

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