Monday, August 13, 2012

B-12 Ultra Review and Giveaway - Ends 8-28-12

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Do you take supplements?  Taking supplements can improve your health and help maintain a healthy body.  B-12 is really a great supplement to add to your health regimen.  It helps in maintaining your nerve cells and red blood cells.  Have you ever thought about how supplements may keep you healthier, than if you didn't take them?  I figure if a supplement will help me in anyway, that I am all for them.  An ounce of precaution could very well help keep you healthier.  I always think maintaining, precaution and prevention is the key to good health.  For this review I received one bottle of B-12 Ultra.  It taste great and I would highly recommend it!

About the B-12 Ultra

B-12 is a nutrient vital in regulating metabolism of every cell in the body.  The primary function is to aid in the proper formation of red blood cells and to help the body with its energy supply.

B-12 Ultra 5000mcg is a taken sublingually which is a more direct delivery into the blood stream and has less risk of being made less effective by the stomachs digestive process.

About Live Well Market

Life is more than just surviving day to day.  At their market, you can find products that help you “Live Well”.  They offer quality products that assist you in improving or maintaining your health.  Some of us need to lose weight to become healthier, some of us just want to make sure we can keep our health to enjoy all that life has to offer.

Live Well is an Allied Brands company.  They’ve been in business since 2004 offering premium products and unmatched customer service.  They’re located in the city of Orem in the wonderful State of Utah.

This comment from Mike says it all: “Incredible experience! I am down 30 pounds so far and ready to go another round! So EXCITING”  It never gets repetitive to hear how people’s lives are changed by becoming healthier.  They love to share their high quality products with people that want to live life to the fullest.  At LiveWell Market, they love getting to know their customers and helping them to better their health and their lives.

Quality and Customer Service.  They research out the best solutions and products for the needs of their customers.  At Live Well Market, “quality” is the first ingredient in their products. They  also believe in taking care of the customer.  If you can’t get the answer you need on their site, you’ll always get a quick response by email or phone.

Live Well Market ships your order first class using the United States Postal Service.  You can also choose to use USPS express shipping.  Orders are usually shipped within twenty four hours and arrive to you with 2-3 business days.

***There are four Tweets you can do each day for 8 extra entries, but must be 3 hours apart! Your entry will be disqualified if you do not leave a link or your user name when asked. 

There has been many entries that have won, but were disqualified for not leaving a link and user name when asked! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A product sample was received for review. I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting. The opinions expressed are my own and were NOT influenced in any way.

Giveaway ends August 28, 2012 (12:01 AM EST)
One person per household may enter.
The giveaway is only opened to the United States.    
You must be 18 or older.  

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