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Oligonol - Antioxidant, Anti-aging Supplement Review and Giveaway - Ends 09-07-12

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Do you take supplements?  Have you heard of Oligonol?  This is a fabulous supplement that everybody needs to add to their health regimen!  I have been taking the Oligonol for about 3½ week and I am very impressed with this supplement!  My skin looks great, I seem to have more energy and the Oligonol is full of of some very healthy ingredients!  I figure if a supplement will help keep me healthier, that I am all for them.  An ounce of precaution could very well help keep you from getting very sick.  The clinical research shows how great it is in the body and how it could help you.  I would highly recommend the Oligonol!

About Oligonol

Oligonol is a particularly innovative antioxidant and anti-aging nutritional supplement.  It contains oligomerised polyphenols - the first supplement in which polyphenol polymers have been successfully converted into oligomers, molecules with superior bioavailability and much greater biological activity.

The polyphenols in Oligonol have a low molecular weight – they are thus easier to absorb and more bioavailable.  Studies comparing Oligonol with extracts of green tea, apple, grapeseed and pinebark, show that Oligonol:
  • is much more quickly absorbed (as measured by levels of polyphenols in the blood);
  • has greater antioxidant capacity;
  • has superior bioavailability;
  • is rapidly absorbed in humans. Polyphenol blood concentrations increase in a dose-dependent manner during periods of supplementation.

Oligonol is derived from lychee fruit.  Lychee has been a valued fruit renowned for thousands of years for promoting healthy aging.  In ancient China, the Emperor’s concubine, Yang Gui Fei, reportedly maintained her breathtaking beauty for all the many years of her life because of lychee which the Emperor horded from all over China for her use only.

The lychee, from which Oligonol is made, is native to low elevations of the provinces of Southern China but its cultivation has spread over the years through neighboring areas of southeastern Asia.  Lychee has a high content of polyphenol polymers and through a patented process, these unique molecules can be made to be more absorbable by the body.

A proprietary extract of lychee fruit manufactured using a patented technology that boosts polyphenol bioavailability of the product and thereby enhances the product's anti-oxidant capacity.

Polyphenols are abundantly present in plants and are known for their ant-oxidant and anti-aging properties.  Oligonol is produced through a proprietary process that shortens polyphenol polymers into monomers and oligomers to form a unique oligomerized polyphenol, producing greater bio-availability to the body than conventional polyphenols, such as: pine bark, grape seed, apple and green tea.
  • Oligonol is shown to be 5 times more bio-available resulting in speedier absorption than conventional polyphenols.
  • Oligonol decreased more than 10% of the lipid peroxide level in blood and improved lucidity and sleep pattern in a human study.
  • Oligonol was more effective in many parameters in a study on cognitive function than conventional polyphenols.
  • Extensive in vivo toxicity studies show Oligonol to be safe with no adverse effects or negative interactions.  Laboratory testing also reveals that Oligonol is a stable substance.

Label on Bottle

Scientific research reveals that Oligonol is a safe, powerful anti-oxidant that can slow the aging process.  Clinical studies supporting Oligonol as an efficacious healthy aging dietary supplement were conducted in the following areas:
  • Skin improvement (to prevent and reduce wrinkles and freckles)
  • Blood circulation improvement
  • Reduction of and fast recovery from fatigue
  • Metabolic support
  • Natural, safe, no negative interactions
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Giveaway ends September 07, 2012 (12:01 AM EST)
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