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Naturals VoxBox from Influenster Review

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Have you ever heard of Influenster?  Influenster is a free-to-join community of invited trendsetters who live to give opinions of products and experiences.  Influenster creates links between brands and members to reward participation and influence future products.  I received a great box of goodies!  I was tickled pink that the products were all natural.  For this review I received seven awesome products in my Natural VoxBox!  Let me tell you about these great products!

My favorite product was the orange Daily Health Booster EBoost!  It's a natural energy boost and it taste awesome!  They are easy to carry when you are on the go!

About EBoost

EBOOST is a boost that does more.   It’s a mood boost, focus boost, immunity boost, natural boost, a no-crash boost.

EBOOST uses real ingredients, stuff you’ve heard of like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Green Tea, Vitamin B-12 and Folic Acid.  The stuff you might not have heard of: Quercetin, 5-HTP, Resveratrol, Huperzine-A — it’s all good too.  What could be sweeter than that?  Well, they even sweeten their product with Stevia, a plant, not a chemical.

What started as a celebrity secret for A-Listers like Madonna, Shakira, Oprah Winfrey and Amar’e Stoudemire is now a necessity for the multi-tasking generation.  They took the time to formulate a multi-purpose product that really works so you don’t have to waste time with mediocre products that sort of work.

Get your boost with the convenience of a shot, or an easy-to-mix powder packet in four delicious flavors: Super Berry, Orange, Pink Lemonade and Acai Pomegranate.  No matter how you boost, you’re sure to feel great.  All day, every day.

About the LypSyl Intense Protection LypMoisturizer

The LypSyl was an awesome Lip Moisturizer, that is all natural.  It keeps my lips well moisturized and soft!  Created with pure Swedish beeswax, organic shea butter and vitamins A and E for long-lasting, deep-penetrating moisture and lip care protection.  LypSyl Intense Protection LypMoisturizer helps moisturize, soften and protect your lips naturally.  The unique one-hand slide allows for quick application. The oversize application tip ensures this ultra- light formula spreads evenly for better lip coverage.

About the Island GEODEO Natural Deodorant

It goes on smooth and it's very gentle.  I love that it's all natural and that it works awesome!  Get real fresh. Under-the-palm-trees-with-a-fruit-drink fresh.  GEODEO Island is what "ahh" smells like.  The potent combo of bamboo and aloe organic extracts, and antioxidant vitamin E gives your skin a mini-spa treatment with each application.

This product is specially formulated to be sustainable and 97% naturally derived.  The remaining 3% is essential to maintain effectiveness.  Up to 50% less emissions omitted and energy consumed.
  • No animal testing, harmful
  • aluminums, sulfates, parabens,
  • petrochemicals, dyes, phthalates.
  • Allergen-free.

About the CleanWell  All-Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipe

The sanitizing wipes are perfect for on the go and they are all natural!  They are gentle on your hands and they smell fabulous!  I received the original scent and I love it!  CleanWell hand sanitizers kill germs with a patented formulation of thyme.  This natural formulation leaves skin feeling soft and it won’t
sting cuts.

A Better Way To Clean Hands
  • Naturally Antibacterial
  • Kills germs
  • Alcohol-free
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Benzalkonium Chloride free
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Fresh pleasant scent
  • Kid safe formula
  • Never tested on animals
  • No gloppy gels
  • Won’t sting cuts
  • 4x more uses per oz. than
  • alcohol gels.
  • Leaves skin soft

About the Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Baby Eczema Bar Soap

I have eczema on my hands and feet, so this soap is great on my skin!  It has a nice gentle fragrance.  This soap is from Shea Moisture and it has some great natural ingredients in it.  It's so gentle on my skin!

  • African Shea Butter
  • Coconut Oil
  • Palm Oil
  • Water
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Palmitic Acid
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Argan Oil
  • Chamomile
  • Mineral Pigment
  • Vegetable Pigment

About the Dish Drying Mat

The Dish Drying Mat is perfect, especially for hand washing dishes!  It is very absorbent and dries quickly. The Original Dish Drying Mat is the new solution to the age old tradition of placing dish towels on the counter when hand washing pots, pans, dishes, and glassware. The unique, laminated design combines a thin layer of foam between two layers of high-quality, super-absorbent microfiber. 16" X 18"
  • Superior absorbency; holds 4 times its weight in water
  • Cushions delicate dishes and stemware
  • Machine washable and highly durable
  • Folds and stores easily
  • Protects your counter top from scratches and scuffs.
  • Available in additional sizes: XL - 18" x 24"

About the NECTRESSE Natural No Calorie Sweetener

NECTRESSE Sweetener tastes like sugar and is naturally zero calories per serving.  They started with the deliciously sweet extract of monk fruit and combined it with the perfect blend of other natural sweeteners.  It's 100% natural with nothing artificial.  You're going to love the way it tastes.

About Influenster

Influenster is an exclusive community of trendsetters using their influential power to qualify for complimentary product shipments, rewards and deals fit for their lifestyles.  Influenster is the go-to destination for trendsetters who want to be rewarded for their influence.  Qualified members gain access to the latest products, share their expert opinions and spread the word on their favorite discoveries.

I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting. The opinions expressed are my own and were NOT influenced in any way.

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