Sunday, February 24, 2013

For Your Eyes Only Supplement, From Seacoast Vitamins Review

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As you age, your eyes are not quite as good as they use to be and I'm finding that out.  I wear bifocals, but I don't need them all the time, only for something very small and my glasses are also for distance.  I'm a big believer in vitamins, herbs, minerals and any other kind of supplements you can get to improve your health.  If they will help me in anyway, then I am all for it.   I'm always trying to improve my health, with supplements.  I think precaution and prevention is the key to good health.

For this review I received a bottle of For Your Eyes Only and I have been taking them for about 2½ weeks.  I'm not sure if I notice any improvement yet, maybe a little, but I'm not sure.  Usually with supplements you don't see improvements for a month or two, but I'll keep taking them.  The ingredients, in For Your Eyes Only has some pretty healthy ingredients in them, so that really encourages me to keep taking them.

About For Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only is a revolutionary new vision support formula that within hours (or days depending on the condition of your eyes) will:
  • Improves color perception
  • Improves clarity of vision
  • Improves day and night vision
  • Improves distance vision
For Your Eyes Only provides the most comprehensive eye formulas available.  Each ingredient found in the formula has been included specifically for its role in supporting the health of the eyes.  Along with key ocular nutrients, vitamins and herbal extracts that are of benefit to the retina, lens and various tissues of the eye.  This formula offers multiple powerful antioxidants that work to minimize the potentially harmful effects of UV-induced free radicals.  For Your Eyes Only, from Roex gives your body the nutritional help it needs to support the structure and healthy function of the eyes.

For Your Eyes Only, supplies antioxidants to the tissues in the eye, including lutein, zeaxanthin, other carotenoids, and dozens of beneficial compounds that support and improve eye health. 

Take one tablet of For Your Eyes Only with water, therefore one should dissolve the tablet in the mouth before swallowing.  The best way of doing that is to place the tablet between the cheek and gum until it turns into a liquid form, then swallow.  Or you can just swallow the pill.

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Statements & claims about For Your Eyes Only (30 tabs & natural alternative remedies have not been evaluated by the FDA. Information herein is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent disease, and is not provided by Roex.  Before starting any exercise, diet or supplementation program using For Your Eyes Only (30 tabs, consult with a qualified health care professional, especially if you are taking prescription medications & drugs.

A product sample was received for review. I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting. The opinions expressed are my own and were NOT influenced in any way.

Bonny Sallee

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jake tyler said... Best Blogger Tips

I want to know about the quantity of Lutein and Zeaxanthin present in daily dose of these eye vitamin supplements . Are these vitamins safe for smokers also?

jopb said... Best Blogger Tips

Since my eyes are aging and I have recently started taking Lutein,etc. for their health I too would like to know the amount of lutein in these vitamins, Also I did not see a follow-up on if you felt these vitamins did help you. Thanks Jo-Ann Brightman

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