Thursday, March 7, 2013

Body Works Functional Shots Review

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Are you into supplements to help you function better?  Have you ever heard of Body Works?  Body Works has functional shots that are naturally effective and formulated by nutritionists and doctors with herbs, natural amino acids and vitamins.  They are a refreshing collection of natural, non-alcoholic, zero calorie and sugar free shots, created and perfected to make your body work better!

For this review I received a variety 6-pack, that included six individual function shots!
  • Relax and Unwind Shot
  • Sleep Shot
  • Wellness Shot
  • Sport Shot
  • Perform Under Pressure Shot 
  • Energy Shot 
I was very excited to try these function shots, they have a lot of healthy ingredients in them!  After reading of all the healthy ingredients, then I discovered that they have other ingredients like, filtered water, citric acid, natural flavors, malic acid, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, sucralose, acesulfame potassium, which I was not happy about.  I recently read an article on 20 Ingredients To Memorize and Avoid In ANY Food You Consume and some of those ingredients are listed in this article.  I did try two of the function shots, the Energy Shot and the Sport Shot and they did work.  I passed the other four over to a friend.  I just don't like the unhealthy ingredients that I read about in the article.  Instead of have sucralose in them, I wish they would have stevia in them!  I would not recommend them, because of the sucralose, sodium benzoate, acesulfame potassium and potassium sorbate.

About the Body Works Function Shots

The Body Work Function shots are non-alcoholic, ready to drink and they have herbs, amino acids, vitamins and other effective, natural ingredients which take your body beyond general nutrition.  With a pleasant mixed berry taste, they've created formulations with zero calories, no sugar and they do not mask their supplements with remedies generically found in other shots.

Their product line now offers an improved sport shot, performance shot (for when you’re under pressure), an energy shot, a wellness shot (with Fruitflow, helps to improve circulation), an improved relaxation shot, and their sleep shot.

They are backed by industry award-winner, RELAXZEN.  In 2010, the prestigious industry leader BevNet awarded RELAXZEN for “Best New Shot” and “Best Relaxation Shot”.  The company decided to expand its offering and improve formulations—including the addition of Fruitflow which is a tomato extract that helps to improve circulation.  In 2012, Body Works was born.

Body Works engaged with several doctors and nutritionists to create fully-functional drinks promoting heart health, improving immunity, quality of sleep, lessening anxiety, stress reduction, supporting sports activity and energy-boosting solutions.

Energy Shot
You’ve tried the rest, now try the best.  They offer a better solution for energy.  With an improved formula, their shot helps every body feel better.  Other manufacturers create caffeine-rich products that just get you jittery.  That’s why they enlisted several doctors and nutritionists to formulate an effective, natural solution to all-day energy.  They’ve formulated their products with natural amino acids and the very best vitamins to rev the body up.

Relax and Unwind Shot

Life is full of the hustle and bustle.  Relaxation is more important now than ever given the fact that 77% of people regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress.  Give your body a break, and unwind.  Their award-winning formulation is perfect for when your body is overworked, overtired or simply: over it.

Sleep Shot

Who doesn’t need a good night’s sleep?  Over 40 million people suffer from a chronic sleep disorder, leaving them restless, unable to function and feeling groggy the morning after.  Finally, a solution to occasional sleeplessness so you can fall asleep, stay asleep AND feel refreshed the next day.  Melatonin helps your body and mind relax enough for sleep.

Wellness Shot

Their formula helps consumers maintain healthy blood flow for 12 hours.  An essential formula for people with minor poor circulation.  Their shot is the first in the USA to contain FruitFlow, an ingredient which naturally supports healthy blood circulation.

Sport Shot

Imagine combining the benefits of hydration, and better recovery with an energy drink.  Their formula helps people stay in the zone while working out/playing sports.  So many people have a moderately active lifestyle.  In fact, over half of Americans report exercising at least 3 days per week.  Their sport shot will help their bodies play and perform at their peak.

Perform Under Pressure Shot

Formulated to alleviate “butterflies in the stomach” and help your body and mind stay calm when “doing your best” counts the most.  74% of people cite speech anxiety as one of their leading fears.  Their shot helps consumers conquer that occasional fear with ingredients known to soothe irritability and anxiety in every body.  Say goodbye to anxiety and fear.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using  Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting. The opinions expressed are my own and were NOT influenced in any way.

Bonny Sallee

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I have never heard of these Body Works Shots, but they sound interesting. I like that the energy one is not high in caffeine and I am curious about the Fruit Flow in the Wellness shot

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