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"Meals in a Jar" Quick and Easy Homemade Recipes Review and Giveaway - Ends 04-30-13

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A copy of Meals in a Jar was received for review. I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting. The opinions expressed are my own and were NOT influenced in any way. 

Are you always in a hurry and trying to decide what to cook for dinner?  Have you ever read food labels?  In the last three or four months, I have read labels on all kinds of different foods, as well as personal body care products.  There are a lot of nasty chemicals in our food and body care products.  I'm always looking for a better solution!  I decided to just try and make everything from scratch, including food, household products and personal care products. 

For this review I received a copy of "Meals in a Jar" by Julie Languille.  I was quite impressed with all of the meals you can make a head of time and you just-add-water for a perfect homemade meal!  Just think, you know exactly what the ingredients are and there are no nasty chemicals in it, how perfect is that?  Commercially prepared foods often contain ingredients that were grown with pesticides and chemicals, packaged with preservatives, artificial flavorings and artificial coloringsReady-made meals can be made with organic ingredients and locally grown meats and produce.  You can even use food out of your own garden.

About Meals in a Jar

The equipment you will need is a vacuum sealer, like a Food Saver, which is a must.  A dehydrator and roaster oven, rocket stove, solar oven or wonder oven is recommended, along with filtered water or bottled water.  The Rocket Stove comes in handy during a disaster or no-power situation, same with the Solar Oven.

Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1:  Ready-Made Meals
  • Chapter 2:  Canning and Dehydrating
  • Chapter 3:  Ingredients, Equipments, Supplies
  • Chapter 4:  Breakfast is in the Bag
  • Chapter 5:  Soup's on
  • Chapter 6:  Primarily Pasta
  • Chapter 7:  Ready-Made Main Course
  • Chapter 8:  Ready-Made Meals Sidekits
  • Chapter 9:  Snacks, Beverage and Extras
  • Chapter 10: Desserts
  • Chapter 11:  Logistics
  • Recipe Index
  • Acknowledgments and about the Author
I have Food Saver and I just love it!  I make a lot of meals a head of time.  When I cook something really delicious, I'll make two of them and put a serving into a paper bowl, vacuum pack it and throw it up into the freezer!  So, there will be lots of ready made meals for one or more people.  Then sometimes I will make up a big pot of homemade soup and freeze it in a big bowl, then vacuum pack it.  So, all I need to do is open up the bag and put it into a kettle and heat it up.

I have made several vacuumed packed meals with this awesome book!  I did the Granola, Chocolate Chip Cookies and the Hot Cocoa!  I can't wait to try all of them!  These are really fun to make and I love the idea of having everything ready to cook!  They also make an excellent gift and are perfect for stocking up your pantry.  I would highly recommend Meals in a Jar!

Giveaway ends April 30, 2013 (11:59 PM PST)
One person per household may enter.
The giveaway is only opened to the United States and Canada.
You must be 18 or older.

Bonny Sallee

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Id like a cassarole in a jar

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I would like to make mac and cheese in a jar

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I'd like to make soup in a jar.

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salads and mac and cheese

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I think I would start with soup in a jar.

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i have a dehydrator but sadly have never wanted to use it until now

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a vegetarian meal joseph gersch

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I hope I get this! I would love to tear into the desserts for wonder gift ideas!

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I would really like to make some salads for me and the hubby in a jar

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First of all, I think it would be a ton of fun to have my 4 grown daughters over & make a deal of preparing meals in a jar. These would also be great to give as gifts. I want to make everything!

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Chicken soup!

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cassarole in a jar for me!

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