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Redmond Clay Review and Giveaway - Ends 6-5-13

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A product sample was received for review. I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting.
The opinions expressed are my own and were NOT influenced in any way.

Have you heard of bentonite healing clay?  It's quite a fascinating natural and organic product, you can mix it with water to be used externally, as well as internally.  Redmond Clay has many products that have bentonite healing clay in them, it is naturally absorbent and very gentle.  It acts like a sponge to draw impurities and toxins out of your body!  Just think of all the toxins that your body can get rid of, with the bentonite healing clay!  I'm all for natural ways to detox my body, in order to maintain my health and even make me healthier!

For this review I received one tube of the Redmond Clay Facial Mud and one jar of the Redmond Clay, which is the powdered version of the bentonite healing clay.  The Facial Mud works great on my face, it tightens the pores and gives my complexion a nice healthy glow!  As for the powdered clay, I 've been taking one teaspoon in a glass of water daily.  I have tried bentonite clay before and I feel that it helps me out.  I love the idea that the clay is absorbing all the toxins in my body!  I don't get acid indigestion, like I did before I started using it.  There are many health benefits of using Redmond Clay.  I did however, notice that I get constipated, so I added Psyllium Husk Caps to my health regimen.  I read about using the Psyllium Husk Caps with the Bentonite Clay from Natural News I would highly recommend the Redmond Clay Powder and the Redmond Clay Facial Mud!  

About the Redmond Clay

Redmond Clay is an old “Home Remedy” that generations of people have used for a variety of ailments.  Redmond Clay’s origins are as old as the practice of putting a mud poultice on a bee sting.  Geologically, Redmond Clay is volcanic ash that was deposited in sea water approximately 150 million years ago.  Technically, Redmond Clay is a swelling-type sodium bentonite.  Redmond Minerals brings this “clay of a thousand uses” to market in its natural state with no additives, chemicals or preservatives.  The only processing it undergoes is crushing and screening.

Since there are no proven studies to indicate that Redmond Clay is effective in curing any ailment, this document serves only as an educational example of how Redmond Clay has been used historically.

Common Everyday Uses of Redmond Clay

Conventional Method or Natural Method Using mud for healing purposes is not that unusual.  For thousands of years, people have used clay to prevent and treat physical ailments.  Members of primitive tribes carried balls or cakes of clay in their packs, adding it to their meals and using it whenever dysentery, food poisoning, and other sicknesses came upon them.  This wisdom has been passed down through the ages.  Redmond Clay remains as clean today as it was, when the Fremont’s discovered its uses many years ago.

External Uses

Mix the Redmond Clay with water to make a gel the consistency of mustard.  Then apply the gel/paste directly on the skin for a drawing effect, as in the case of a bee sting, mosquito bite, boil, spider bite, stinging nettle, etc.  If the clay is not covered it will dry out, and as it dries, you will feel it draw and pull.  If you want a tightening effect, as in the case of a facial for acne, pimples, or minor cuts, leave it on until it is almost, but not totally dry, then remove.  If you want a more cooling and soothing effect, as for burns or scrapes and bruises, cover the gel with a plastic covering or wet cloth so it won’t dry out. To remove the clay pack, simply wash it off with water and a gentle rubbing motion.  Do not reuse the clay pack.  Other external uses have been as a talcum powder or a diapering powder.

Internal Uses

Redmond Clay can be taken once or twice daily with or without food, as desired, by mixing 1 heaping tablespoon of the mixed gel in 1/2 glass of cold water or juice.  There is no laboratory proof that Redmond Clay is effective for any internal disorders, but people have taken the clay on a full stomach for acid indigestion or heart burn for its cooling effect.  Taking the clay on an empty stomach in the evening has been known to bring relief for ulcers.  Some people have felt that its ability to absorb water is beneficial for constipation.  In the same sense, it seems to absorb moisture thereby relieving diarrhea.

Pre-mixed ready to use gel

Mix two parts water with one part Redmond Clay to make a gel or mud.  You can use a blender or mixer to speed up the process or you can just shake or stir by hand and then wait 3-4 hours for the clay to activate.  It should make a mud the consistency of mustard.  If it seems too thin, add more clay.  If it seems too thick add more water.  Keep the gel in a covered, non-metallic container and it will not dry out and will not separate.  It stores with or without refrigeration for an indefinite period.  If it does dry out over prolonged storage, just add water and remix.

Prize: Redmond Clay Pack! (Facial Mud, a 10 oz jar of Redmond Clay, a bottle of Daily Detox capsules, and a First Aid tube, totaling $44.84)

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Giveaway ends June 5, 2013 (11:59 PM PST)
One person per household may enter.
The giveaway is only opened to the United States.
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Liz said... Best Blogger Tips

I learned that Redmond Clay is often applied to stings, burns, cuts, and more.

D.T. said... Best Blogger Tips

I just found it so common sense and interesting that it heals inside and out, and all the over the counter things it replaces from first aid needs to stomach problems! Dorrie Turner said... Best Blogger Tips

Can be used both internally and externally!

Denise Welch said... Best Blogger Tips

That it heals inside and out

Em Ma said... Best Blogger Tips

It can be used to treat stings and cuts

Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

I learned that experts agree that z"the natural aluminum in bentonite clay cannot be absorbed by our bodies."

Hawksbeard said... Best Blogger Tips

I have heard of this clay before but today I learned where I could get it!! Been looking for it for a long time!

Emmy Coffee said... Best Blogger Tips

It can help with both occasional diarrhea AND's a miracle!

Erin E. said... Best Blogger Tips

I learned that they even have a toothpaste! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!
Erin E
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I was very surprised to learn that this can be used external as well as internal!!!

mary renshaw

Chris Alejandro said... Best Blogger Tips

I liked the Redmond Clay First Aid

Brian E. said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the giveaway… Hydrated Redmond Clay can be applied externally as a poultice on cuts, bruises, insect bites, bee stings, boils, rashes, achy joints, acne, and burns.

Vonnie Bailey said... Best Blogger Tips

Available in easy to swallow capsules.

May Avalon said... Best Blogger Tips

Can be used both internally and externally

non_amos said... Best Blogger Tips

It obviously has health benefits that I knew nothing of.

Hawksbeard said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you, Bonny! This is an awesome win and I can't wait to get the Clay!!! :)

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