Sunday, June 9, 2013

Chef'sChoice Pronto Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener Review

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A product sample was received for review. I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting. The opinions expressed are my own and were NOT influenced in any way.

If you haven't bought dear ol' dad a gift for Father's Day, you better hurry!  It's next Sunday!  Have you thought about getting Dad a knife sharpener?  If Dad's a fantastic cook or even a fisherman, a knife sharpener would come in very handy!  For this review, I received the Chef'sChoice Pronto Diamond Hone Knife SharpenerI definitely needed a knife sharpener, all my knives were really dull.  I wasn't too sure how a manual knife sharpener would work.  I always thought you needed an electric knife sharpener to really sharpen your knives, but I guess not!

I took the knife sharpener out of the package and gathered my dull knives.  The instructions were easy to understand.  I put the knife in the numbered one slot, using a back and forth sawing motion.  I did that about twenty times.  After that, I took a piece of paper and slit the paper with the sharped knife.  Then I put the knife into the numbered two slot, using the same back and forth sawing motion to complete the sharpening of the knife.

After sharpening the knife, I washed it and took it to a head of cabbage, to see how sharp it was.  I was impressed with how easy it was to cut the cabbage in half.  The Chef'sChoice Knife Sharpener did an awesome job and I would highly recommend it!   

About the Chef'sChoice Pronto Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener

The Chef'sChoice Pronto Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener is the fastest 2-Stage manual sharpener on the market today!  In seconds, it puts a razor-sharp, stronger, more durable arch-shaped edge on both straight edge and serrated knives.  The Pronto’s CrissCross technology uses 100% diamond abrasive wheels that sharpen simultaneously “into” and “out of” the knife edge for a superior burr-free edge with lots of bite.  Compact, easy to use and quiet, the Model 464 can be conveniently stored in a drawer.  It features a “Soft Touch” handle for an easy, secure grip.

Bonny Sallee

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jopb said... Best Blogger Tips

These directions are quite simple and as long as it works it might be a good kitchen tiem to buy.

slehan said... Best Blogger Tips

Indeed you do NOT need electricity to sharpen knives well. We never had an electric sharpener and my mother was very particular about having sharp knives.

slehan at juno dot com

randy fulgham said... Best Blogger Tips


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