Sunday, October 13, 2013

Firmoo Eyeglasses Review

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A product sample was received for review. I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting. The opinions expressed are my own and were NOT influenced in any way.

Everybody has their own style and how they express it.  It could be the type of clothes they wear or the type of eyeglasses they wear, but having your own style is always important.  That's what make you so unique!  Everybody has their own unique style, even kids and they need to be able to express it. 

With the school year in full swing, have you had your children's eyes examined?  It's always wise to have your families eyes checked at least once a year, especially children.  It could interfere with their learning and nobody wants to hinder a child's learning.  Having crystal clear vision is so important to one's well-being!  So, make sure you get your families eyes examined yearly!

For this review, I got the opportunity to get a pair of eyeglasses, from Firmoo for my husband.  He hasn't had new pair of glasses for 6-8 years, so he really needed a new pair.  We looked over the eyeglasses at the Firmoo website and decided on the rimless eyeglasses.  They are much more fashionable, then his old eyeglasses.  Here's a picture of him with his old glasses and his new glasses.  It's quite a difference, he looks so much better in his new Firmoo Eyeglasses!  He loves that they are so much lighter, than his old glasses.  That way it doesn't put so much pressure on his ears and nose.  We both love the new eyeglasses and we would both recommend Firmoo Eyeglasses!  The glasses fit him perfectly!

About Firmoo Glasses

It's very easy to order a pair of eyeglasses on the Firmoo website.  Just search for the style you would like and fill in your prescription on the order form.  I did have to measure my husbands pupillary distance, but that was easy to do.  I just downloaded a ruler that I found on-line to measure the pupillary distance.  After we ordered the eyeglasses, we waited one week to get them.  The eyeglasses came in a hard case, which is awesome!  They also came with a pouch, cleaning cloth and tools for adjusting the new eyeglasses.  One thing I really love, is that Firmoo has a wide variety of fashionable eyeglasses and they're very affordable for every family member!  They also have a Virtual Try-On System, where you can upload a picture of yourself to see how any of the eyeglasses look on you, 98% of their customers have found the perfect pair of eyeglasses doing this!

Firmoo Offers Free Eyeglasses!

Firmoo offers free eyeglasses for new customers to try their products and service, as well as to help some poor people or people with low income correct their vision problems.  Their free offer is open to almost all countries in the world, such as U.S., Canada, Australia, etc.  Every new customer qualifies for getting their first pair free.  If you purchase two pairs at one time, the one that you apply the free glasses code to will be free.  You could call this "buy one get one free".

They offer varieties of classic and fashion eyewear for customers to choose from, including eyeglasses, prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses and safety glasses (also called goggles).  But currently they don't offer the free glasses for kids age 12 and under.  If you're lucky enough to get a pair of free glasses, you'll just need to pay shipping!

You can connect with Firmoo on their social media sites!

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My prescription didn't change much this year so I didn't get new glasses. But this would be a great way to get the new glasses. Thanks for the info.

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