Monday, November 25, 2013

Custom Genie Bra and Genie Bra Review

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 Genie Bra

Women are always looking for the perfect fitting bra!  Have you tried a Genie Bra?  The Genie Bras are quite comfortable, without the underwire or hooks in the back.  Did you know that the Genie Bra is America's top selling seamless bra?  They are made out of a stretchy fabric, which makes them a very comfortable bra.

About the Genie Bra and the Custom Genie Bra

For this review, I received one Custom Genie Bra and One Genie Bra.  When I pulled them out of the package, my first thought was, oh, they're not going to fit!  It was alittle weird to pull a bra over your head, instead of hooking it in the back, but I was very surprised how comfortable they were!  The fabric is soft and stretchy.  The straps are alittle wider and slightly padded, so they don't dig into your shoulders.  Another great advantage of the Genie is that it's all one piece, so there are no seams.  The unique fabric conforms to any cup size and never looses its shape, even when it's machine-washed and dried.  They also come, with a removable pad for extra support.  I would highly recommend the Genie Bras!

[caption id="attachment_4123" align="alignright" width="126"]Custom Genie Bra Custom Genie Bra[/caption]

Fabric Information: 96% Nylon, 4% Spandex

  • Maximum coverage Ideal for under low cut tops, sweaters and dresses.

  • Constructed with our Everlast, comfort stretch fabric.

  • Beautiful sleep bra.

  • Magic pouch accommodates removable modesty pads for extra lift and coverage.

  • Easy to slip in, form fitting seamless construction with soft contour cups.

  • Knitted wide support band eliminates the need for underwires.

  • Made with the finest craftsmanship on a Santoni machine.

  • Machine washable.

The Genie Bra’s comfort and support, also makes it great for everything from daily life to more physical activities like hiking, biking or yoga.  They comes in a variety of different colors, including 6 of the coolest colors for Fall.  $9.99 each at Walmart, Target and the Genie Bra website.

For the Custom Genie, it has over 30 individual placements, meaning that you can wear a strappy bra, no matter how tricky the neckline or top is.  You could  even get rid of the straps all together, for a comfortable strapless style.  It has soft contour cups, custom conform to your shape to help eliminate spillage and “back fat”.   The Custom Genie, is also free of underwires and back clasps.  Knitted wide support band helps add lift and support, without underwires.  Constructed with, their everlast, comfort stretch fabric.  It's machine washable.  They are available in nude, black and white at the Custom Genie Bra website.


Christmas Light
The Genie Bras would make an excellent Stocking Stuffer for all those beautiful women on your Holiday Shopping List!
Bonny Sallee

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