Sunday, November 17, 2013

MicroTouch ONE Razor Review

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MicroTouch ONE Razor

The top grooming product for most men is the razor.  I received the MicroTouch ONE Safety Razor, so this was the perfect review for my husband.  The razor came in an awesome case, with 24 individual wrapped blades.  My husband, Carl was really excited to try the MicroTouch ONE!  Carl was really impressed after his first shave, with how he received a super close shave!

MicroTouch ONE Razor

MicroTouch ONE is the modern version of the timeless classic safety razor.  After years of price increases from multi-blade razor manufactures, MicroTouch, a consistent top-three grooming brand in the country, brings you the most affordable and effective razor option, that professional barbers still prefer today!


A substantial and precision-crafted tool, MicroTouch ONE is made of solid brass and chrome plated to a beautiful, polished shine.  The ONE feels fabulous in your hand and most importantly, it glides smoothly across your skin for the best shave of your life.  The ONE's "butterfly" opening allows you to easily and safely clean the blade, rinsing it free of shaving cream and whiskers after each shave.  Your blades last longer and saves you money!

Features:The ONE Classic Safety Razor

  • Solid brass

  • Chrome plated

  • Precision crafted

  • The best way to shave for over 100 years

  • Opens with a simple twist for easy cleaning


For First Time Safety Razor Users
"Like anything new, it may take you a few shaves to get    used to   the MicroTouch One, but once you do I'm sure  you'll love it." — Rick Harrison

Here are four keys to a successful shave:

  • Use as little pressure as possible. Let the weight of the razor   do the work for you.

  • Hold razor by the tip of the handle.

  • Angle the blade at a 45 degrees angle.

  • Shave with the grain of your beard.

Bonny Sallee

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