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Immortal Sleep - The Deep Sleep Formula Review

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Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Immortal Sleep

Sometimes, it's hard to get enough sleep, especially when you're really busy.  Do you find it hard to just relax and let yourself sleep, without worrying about everything?  I sure do!  Have you heard of Immortal Sleep?  Immortal Sleep is an herbal blend that provides your body, with benefits beyond that of a good night’s sleep.  Immortal Sleep contains an herbal remedy, that was introduced into Traditional Chinese Medicine and it brings the body back into balance!

About Immortal Sleep

For this review, I received a sample packet of nine capsules of Immortal Sleep, which is a three day supply!  I took 3 capsules the first night and slept really good.  I love that it's made, with natural ingredients!  I would highly recommend the Immortal Sleep Capsules!

Ingredients:Sleep Formula
Rehmannia Root (sheng di huang)
Poria (fu ling)
Polygala (yuan zhi)
Grassleaf Sweetflag (shi chang pu)
Biota Seed (bai zi ren)
Licorice Root (gan cao)
Platycodon (jie geng)
Asparagus root (tian men dong)
Schizandra (wu wei zi)
Angelica Root (dang gui)
Scrophularia Root (xuan shen)
Zizyphus Seed (suan zao ren)
Salvia Root (dang shen)
Ophiopogon Root (mai men dong)


teaL-theanine is an amino acid that  helps you to relax and it's perfectly safe.  Japan has used it in many product for over 40 years!  It's the main component of green tea, that decreases anxiousness and stress.

L-theanine is the reason you don’t get the jittery feeling from the caffeine in tea, like you would get if you consumed too much coffee.  The ideal dosage for L-theanine is 200mg; it would take 10 cups of green tea per day to reach that dose.  Most people won’t consume that much tea.  Two capsules of Immortal Sleep contain 200mg of L-theanine.

L-theanine is shown to increase alpha waves in the brain.  It's one of the few substances that can easily cross the blood/brain barrier.  These waves are associated with a sense of calm, relaxation, mental clarity, and focus.  The brain absorbs L-theanine within 30 minutes.  L-theanine also promotes your body’s ability to produce GABA; this is like your brain’s own tranquilizer in that it reduces adrenaline which is produced when the body is in a state of stress and contributes to adrenal fatigue, that so much of the population is experiencing.  Low levels of GABA are associated with sleeping difficulties, mental fatigue, and tension.

While L-theanine is most famous for its ability to calm and reduce stress, it also has many other benefits as it balances the body.

  • It promotes healthy immune system function

  • It benefits cardiovascular health

  • It can profoundly benefit the ability to sleep easily and soundly

The FDA has approved the following statements:

  • L-theanine promotes relaxation without causing drowsiness

  • L-theanine reduces stress

Zizyphus Blend
zizyphusIn Traditional Chinese Medicine this zizyphus herbal blend has been used for many centuries to nourish the blood, calm the Shen (spirit), clear heat, and relieve irritability.  It's traditionally used to treat sleep disturbances, nervous exhaustion, irritability, uneasiness, palpitations, nightmares, night sweats, dizziness, poor memory, poor concentration, and dry mouth and throat.

In more recent scientific studies on the components of the zizyphus seeds it was found that they reduced caffeine induced hyperactivity and they had a sedative action.

In another study by Wang et al.  36 cases of stress were treated with this herbal blend.  The patients took one pill before a meal, three times a day, and one pill before going to sleep.  One course of treatment consisted of 30 consecutive days.  The results showed that 16 cases were clinically resolved, 18 cases greatly improved, and the remaining 2 cases did not respond to the treatment, with a total effectiveness rate of 94.2%.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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