Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Seattle's Best Frozen Coffee Blends Review and Giveaway - Ends 1-4-14

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Seattle's Best Coffee Frozen Coffee Blends

Coffee is the world's number one beverage!  Can you believe how many coffee shops there are?  It seems like there's one every 3 or 4 blocks.  The mocha's, cappuccinos, latte's and other coffee drinks come in so many different flavors and they can get expensive, especially if you buy one every day.  Have your heard of the Seattle's Best Frozen Coffee Blends?

They're awesome, as well as delicious!  For this review, I received three coupons for the Seattle's Best Frozen Coffee Blends!  My husband and I couldn't wait to try them.  So, I got one of the Coffee Chiller's and two of the Creamy Caramels.

About the Seattle's Best Frozen Coffee Blends

There are four delicious flavors of the Seattle's Best Frozen Coffee Blends, Coffee Chiller, Mega Mocha, Creamy Caramel and Very Vanilla!  All you do is, put a package in your blender, add milk and blend away.  Pour it into a glass, add some whip cream, flavored coffee syrups and maybe some chocolate shavings.  How does that sound?  They're absolutely delicious!

These are just perfect, especially this time of the year!  They are festive and easy to make, so impress your guests with a delicious Frozen Coffee beverage!  They will love you for it!

Prize:  Five Seattle's Best Frozen Coffee Blends Coupons! ($19.95)


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