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Social Media Engagement For Dummies Book Review

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DiscalmierSocial Media Engagement For Dummies

Having Social Media Engagement can benefit anybody that's involved in merchandising, on-line communities or blogging.  The book, Social Media Engagement for Dummies is a perfect hands-on-guide, that will help you build connections, with other people.  By understanding the dynamics of on-line communities, you'll find it critical to your success.  People want to connect with people, not automated tools.

Social Media Engagement For Dummies

For this review, I received one copy of Social Media Engagement for Dummies!  This book is full of very useful information, that is very easy to understand.  The authors, Aliza Sherman and Danielle Elliot Smith, they emphasize the best practices of online marketing, customer service and genuine human communication.  They'll guide you, on how internet tools work, how people use them, how you can leverage them to better reach the customers and prospects that matter the most to you!

Like any For Dummies book, this book is written to ensure that you can dive into any section and find useful information.  Part I and II is an introduction to theories, concepts and tools.  Part III, IV and V lay out distinct road maps for turning concepts into actions.

You can use the table of contents to find the chapters that can benefit you the most and the index can help you to key in on a particular concept or task.  The book also mentions other useful sites.

Contents at a Glance


Part I:  The Basics of Social Media Engagement
Chapter 1:  Explaining the Why, Who, and How of Social Media Engagement
Chapter 2:  Assessing the Impact of Social Media Engagement
Chapter 3:  Discovering Social Media Engagement Tools

Part II:  Exploring the Elements of Social Media Engagement
Chapter 4:  Building Trust and Credibility
Chapter 5:  Demonstrating Your Online Presence to Maximize Engagement
Chapter 6:  Creating Connections
Chapter 7:  Driving Interaction

Part III:  Examining the Basic Engagement Tools
Chapter 8:  E-mail, Forum, Blogs and Websites
Chapter 9:  Facebook
Chapter 10:  Twitter

Part IV:  Engaging Through Additional Social Channels
Chapter 11:  Pinterest
Chapter 12:  LinkedIn
Chapter 13:  Google+
Chapter 14: Location-Based Services

Part V:  Leveraging Audio and Video for Engagement
Chapter 15:  Audio and Videocasting
Chapter 16:  YouTube

Part VI:  The Part of Tens
Chapter 17:  Then Social Media Engagement Mistakes to Avoid
Chapter 18: Ten Businesses That Excel at Social Media Engagement


One of the most important step is to build trust and credibility, with your customers or readers.  Contributing to meaningful conversations, with your audience can help you build that trust and credibility.  Be sure to respond to comments and follow up.  Always be honest, even if you're wrong.  Learn who your audience is and give them what they want.

As you can see from the chapters, this book covers everything you need to know about Social Media Engagement and I would highly recommend Social Media Engagement for Dummies!

My favorite section was on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter!

Thanks Aliza and Danielle for a very informational book that has the best step-by-step guide on Social Media Engagement!

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