Wednesday, February 26, 2014

iCoffee SteamBrew Technology to Give You that Smooth Coffee Flavor!

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DisclaimeriCoffeeCoffee lovers are always looking for the perfect cup of coffee!  Have you heard of the new coffee maker by Remington, called iCoffee?  Remington created a whole new way to brew coffee!  The iCoffee is the first of it's kind, the coffee is pre-steamed, benefiting the flavor of the coffee, with a non-bitter, non-acidic, exquisitely smooth coffee flavor!  With the iCoffee you will notice that you will receive more flavor, from the same amount of coffee, so you can use less coffee to achieve your desired strength for that perfect cup of coffee!

Perfect Coffee, with SteamBrew Technology

For this review, I received the iCoffee, by Remington!  It's always exciting to try out new innovated products and the iCoffee is certainly one of them!  There is a drip basket and a mesh handled brew basket, with a brew basket lid that lifts out easily from the top of the coffee brewer.  So, you won't need any coffee filters!  When turning on the coffee brewer, you will hear a Mozart tune, but you can turn it off, it will also go off when the coffee is done brewing.  There will be a finely extracted coffee essence (sediment) in your cup and carafe after brewing, which is normal, as a result of their SteamBrew Extraction Technology.  You can use the optional filter, that you can place in the carafe.

To brew 12 cups of coffee, it takes about 15 minutes.


The coffee brewer comes with a 24 hour programmable auto start and a automatic shut off, after 2-hours.

Coffee Brewing

The iCoffee isn't your ordinary coffee machine, it uses steam to crack open and expand your favorite coffee grounds, releasing all of the locked-in flavors that other brewers leave behind.  The SteamBrew Technology utilizes steam jets inside the coffee brew basket, by first pre-steaming the coffee and then stirring the coffee throughout the brewing process, so that each and every coffee ground is completely suspended and surrounded by piping hot water.  You can even watch the coffee, through the lighted viewing window and see a rich Coffee Crema form, which indicates the elimination of bitter and acidic aftertastes!  The best part of all is that the iCoffee brewer does not contain lead or BPAs!

I would highly recommend the iCoffee, by Remington!  The Coffee out of the iCoffee is the perfect coffee that any coffee lover would appreciate!

You can connect with iCoffee on their social media sites!

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