Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Twisted Shotz, Single Serve Alcoholic Shots Review

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Twisted Shotz

Twisted Shotz

Everybody likes having fun once in awhile!  Have you heard of Twisted Shotz?  These little shotz are extremely delicious and very fun, they'll be the life of the party!  The shotz have two types of liquor in a shot glass that's divided in two, a different liquor on each side.  They come in a plastic shot glass, with a pull foil tab, so they are easy to open and easy to drink!

For this review, I received two Party Variety Packs of Twisted Shotz, three t-shirts, three serving trays and three rebates.  Out of the two variety packs, my favorites were the Whipped Chocolate and the Polar Bear.  I have also bought quite a few of the four packs, the Buttery Nipple and the Whipped Orange are absolutely awesome!

Christmas 2013

These are really fun shots to serve your guests.  Here's my son serving the Twisted Shotz!  Everybody couldn't wait to try a few!  Alot of people haven't see these yet, so be on the look out for your next party and grab a couple packs!

Twisted ShotzTwisted Shotz

These shotz are bartender-quality mixed drinks, that have 2 great flavors in 1 Twisted Shot!  Here's a list of all the delicious flavors!  Which one would you like to try?

  • Buttery Nipple is Butterscotch Vodka and Vanilla Cream Vodka.

  • Rattlesnake is Tequila and Lime Liqueur.

  • Porn Star is Raspberry Vodka and Blue Curacao Liqueur.

  • Sex on the Beach is Banana & pear Liqueur and Cream Liqueur.

  • Miami Vice is Strawberry Daiquiri and PiƱa Colada.

  • Strawberry Sundae is Strawberry Vodka and Vanilla Cream Liqueur.

  • Killer Bee is Bourbon and Honey Liqueur.

  • Hot Licks is Bourbon and Cinnamon Liqueur.

  • B-52 is Orange Liqueur and Coffee Cream Liqueur.

  • Blazin Apple is Apple Liqueur and Cinnamon Liqueur.

  • Dos Locos is Tequila and Citrus Liqueur.

  • Polar Bear is Peppermint and White Chocolate Cream Liqueur.

  • Whipped Chocolate is Whipped Cream Vodka and Chocolate Liqueur.

  • Whipped Cherry is Whipped Cream Vodka and Cherry Liqueur.

  • Whipped Orange is Whipped Cream Vodka and Orange Liqueur.

Here's how to enjoy the Twisted Shotz!


I would highly recommend Twisted Shotz!

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