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Complete Colon Cleanse Book Review #Detox #ColonCleanse

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Detoxing your body is very important!  Doing a Colon Cleanse can help eliminate the toxins in your intestines, that can cause diseases.  The Complete Colon Cleanse is a step-by-step guide to help secure a long term solution from disease.  This book will explain in detail how the intestines are the first point of attack for the majority of all disease-causing agents.  Did you know that toxins and parasites make their way by the millions every day into the bloodstream via the intestinal tract, which causes toxic blood, overworking the liver and infiltrating every type of tissue?

Complete Colon Cleanse

For this review, I received a copy of the "Complete Colon Cleanse", by Dr. Edward F. Group III!  This is another awesome health book that I would highly recommend!  If your intestines become toxic, they are unable to properly absorb nutrients from food, because they are packed with old layers of old impacted waste material.  Then a narrow passageway is created, which will lead to constipation and other bowel problems.

If the toxins in your colon are not regularly eliminated, they leach back into your bloodstream, causing "Leaky Gut Syndrome", which will probably cause some sort of disease.  This book was created to teach us how to heal ourselves and activate our own self-healing mechanism, with the help of a complete colon cleanse and advice on how to avoid further toxins in our lives.

The foods we eat has a lot to do with keeping our colons clean.  Most foods contain preservatives, hormones, and additives that collect in the digestive tract.  Common drinks including alcohol, coffee, and juice, also add to the chemicals accumulating in the colon.  Even “healthy” foods can literally lay stagnant for days on end, rotting in the colon and turning into poisons.  If you really examine your food choices, you may discover that they're full of all those nasty toxins.  More toxic things to think about is the polluted air we breathe.  We encounter so many toxic chemicals in our everyday lives, it just doesn't end with the food and beverages with consume.

Do you take medications?  My husband does and he has had so many side effects from all those nasty chemicals.  It's hard to believe that he continues to believe in medications.  I certainly don't!  Medications just seem to cover up what's really going on.  They do nothing to actually treat the root cause of the disease, so why take them?

This book continues to explain how disease is caused by a toxic colon and the author's goal is to teach you how to prevent diseases, clean your intestines properly, and how to eliminate or help eliminate disease from your body, so that you can go on to live a longer, healthier, happier life.

This book is full of useful information and you should consider reading it.  Any book that could helps heal your body, is definitely worth the read, so I highly recommend it!



Introduction:  The Secret to Health

Part 1:  Health Begins in the Colon

Chapter 1:  What is a Toxic Colon
Chapter 2:  Conditions of a Toxic Colon
Chapter 3:  How Healthy Is Your Colon?
Chapter 4:  The Oxygen Colon Cleanse
Chapter 5:  The Colon Diet

Part  II:  The Long-Term Solution:

Slowly Reduce Your Daily Exposure to Toxins

Chapter 6:  How to Eliminate Colon Toxins from Food and Drink
Chapter 7:  How to Eliminate Colon Toxins from Air & Water, Drugs & Stress, Metals & Parasites




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This is another awesome health book, that I would highly recommend!

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