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The Complete Master Cleanse Book Review #Detox

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Life's most important priority is to keep our bodies as healthy as possible!  Have you ever heard of "The Complete Master Cleanse"?  You body needs to detoxify itself, from unnecessary wastes, toxins or poisons that create disease.  The buildup is caused by eating devitalized foods, which is processed foods.  Consuming foods that have a negative impact, like meat, dairy products, artificial foods, preservatives, fried foods and so on, also cause our bodies to buildup more unhealthy garbage.  So, what should you do about it?

Master Cleanse

For this review, I received a copy of "The Complete Master Cleanse", by Tom Woloshyn!  It's also called the "Lemonade Diet".  This is another awesome health book, that I would highly recommend!  The Lemonade Diet was created by Stanley Burroughs and in his book Healing for the Age of Enlightenment, he states that the Lemonade Diet could heal your every ailment.  Once you start reading The Complete Master Cleanse, you won't want to put it down.  It's so intense and you'll know how important it is to actually do "The Complete Master Cleanse"!

There are only four ingredients that you need, which is good water, fresh lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper.  It's recommended to get organic lemons, dark grade of maple syrup and the powdered form of cayenne pepper.  There are no solid foods consumed on the Master Cleanse.

I have been researching cayenne pepper, lemon juice and maple syrup for sometime and I know how important each ingredient is.  I have the Cuisinart Pulp Control Citrus Juicer and I'm always making up lemon water, it taste so refreshing.  The citrus juicer makes it so much easier to get every last drop of juice out of the lemons.  As for the cayenne pepper, I make up a health serum everyday that probably has about a tablespoon in it.  I haven't done The Master Cleanse yet, but I plan to very soon.  I'm looking forward to all the health benefits that I can get from the master cleanse.

This book helps you to understand the simple concept of what causes and cures organic dis-ease.  Tom uses the term dis-ease through-out the book and tells us where the word originated from.

Dis-ease had its origins in the 14th century.  The Middle English word disese, combining des- + eise, meant a condition of an animal, or one of its parts, that impairs normal functioning and is often manifested by outward signs or inner symptoms.  The root ease derives from the Old French and Latin for adiacens, or "lying down."  Dis-ease implies the inability to rest comfortably and feel well.

Tom also talks about how there is a link between dis-ease and diet.  He has a lot of experience with the cleanse and he does a maintenance program, that consists of at least four, 10-day cleanses per year.  Over the last 30 years, he has done over 1,000 days of the Master Cleanse.

Here's the contents of the book, as you can see, Tom has provided all the information you need to get started, with the master cleanse and has added many other forms of holistic healing.



PART ONE:  Origin of the Master Cleanse
1.  Why You Need This Book
2.  How I Found the Master Cleanse
3.  My Story with Stanley
4.  Why Do We Need to Cleanse?
5.  What Is the Master Cleanse, and How Does It Work?

PART TWO:  Everything You Need to Know About the Master Cleanse
6.  The Master Cleanse

PART THREE:  Adjuncts to the Master Cleanse
7.  Vita-Flex, to Balance the Body
8.  Color Therapy, to Optimize Light's Energy
9.  Essential Oils, to Enhance Healing
10.  Affirmations and Visualizations, to Empower Yourself
11.  Parasite Cleansing, to Reduce Your Toxic Load
12.  Advanced Cleansing Techniques, to Build on Your Successful Cleanse
13.  Testimonials, to Learn from Other's Experiences
14.  Recipes, to Improve Your Eating Style After a Cleanse

  • Resources
  • For Further Reading
  • Cleansing Journal

About the Author
The Lemonade Diet is simple, but yet very powerful!  With this step-by-step program you'll learn about all the health benefits that the Lemonade Diet has to offer.  This book explains clearly how and why cleansing can imporve all aspects of your personal health, including:
  • Increasing Energy
  • Balancing Your Body's pH
  • Losing Weight
  • Reducing Swelling and Pain
  • Alleviating Allergies
  • Flushing the Colon
  • Improving Skin and Hair
  • Ridding Your Body of Parasites

This is another awesome health book, that I would highly recommend!

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