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Non-Toxic Homemade Cleaners - #HomemadeCleaners

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Majority of store boughten cleaners are very toxic.  Have you ever thought about making homemade cleaners before?  Many cleaning products that we use to keep our homes clean are toxic to the environment and our families.  You'll be pleasantly surprised to find that creating homemade natural cleaning products are fun to make, affordable and very simple to make!

Homemade Cleaners

For this review, I received a copy of Homemade Cleaners - Quick and Easy, Toxic-Free Recipes!  I was very impressed with all of the recipes!  This book is very informative.  Did you know that companies that manufacture cleaning products are not obligated to list the ingredients in their products?  That is just pain wrong!!!  The only way manufacturers are required to list chemicals that are strongly linked to serious toxicity only if they account for more than 1 percent of the product's weight.  It's hard to believe what they can get away with.  Also, they are required to list suspected carcinogens only if they account for more than 0.1 percent of the product's weight and they can legally omit hazardous chemicals if they are part of a mixture the company claims to be a trade secret!

Even if the chemicals don't cause a problem today, they may in time cause long-term problems!  So, why would anybody put their family at risk for serious health problems, by using toxic cleaners?  Lets take carcinogens for example, it's directly involved in causing cancer.  Carcinogens are either genotoxic or nongenotoxic.  Genotoxins cause irreversible damge or mutations by binding to DNA.  Nongenotoxins do not affect DNA directly but instead disrupt cellular metabolic processes and promote cancerous growth.  Carcinogens do not cause cancer on their own, but they promote the cancer-causing activities of carcinogens.

The authors, Mandy O'Brien and Dionna Ford talk about other chemicals, such as endocrine disruptors, neurotoxins and many others.  They also tell you about the cautionary labels and how companies do GREENWASHING.  Labeling a product "natural" or "environmentally friendly:  is no more than a marketing ploy!  By reading a label that says "natural", what says it"s natural, there are no set rules, since the companies can label their products at their own discretion and that includes biodegradable products.

Here's an interesting fact that I didn't know about.  Simple Green Concentrated All-Purpose Cleanser, is labeled as "nontoxic" and "biodegradable," and it's sold in a spray bottle.  The spray nozzle implies that the purchaser may use the products without diluting it, and there are no conspicuous directions on the bottle to the contrary.  However, the company's website advises users to significantly dilute the cleaner, even for heavy-duty cleaning.  So, it can put you at risk and Simple Green labels the cleaner as non-toxic, but it does contain a solvent that damages the red blood cells and is an eye irritant (2-butoxyethanol), as well as a blend of alcohol ethoxylate surfactants, some of which are banned in the European Union.

The authors talk about other cleaners, including Dawn and, Comet and how toxic they are.  So, they encourage us to keep our families and the environment safer with homemade cleaning products.  Plus it will save you a bundle of money and you won't have to put up with the fumes.

Here's another interesting fact, that I just love!  Studies have shown that cleaning surface with a vinegar mixture, followed by hydrogen peroxide, actually does a better job of cleaning viruses and bacteria than bleach!

The book goes on to tell you how to get started on making your own cleaning products and what you'll need.  Most of the ingredients for making your all-natural cleaning products are likely already in your kitchen!

Here's a List of Ingredients:

  • Baking Soda

  • White Distilled Vinegar

  • Lemon Juice

  • Borax

  • Castile Soap

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Vodka

  • Washing Soda

  • Water

  • Witch Hazel

  • Essential Oils

The authors tells you what the best essential oils are, but it's more up to you, which fragrance you prefer.  After talking about the essential oils, they go into what are the best carrier oils for their recipes.  You will need containers, that have not already had some sort of chemical products in them.  Make sure you label the bottles and write down the ingredients, so you know exactly what you made.  Now, after you made your homemade cleaners, you will need some type of cloth to clean with, the book gives many great ideas what you can use as cleaning rags.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction:  Simple Steps

  • How Safe Are Your Cleaning Supplies?

  • Getting Started

  • Simple Cleaning

  • Mirrors and Glass

  • Cleaning The Kitchen

  • Bathrooms

  • Flooring and Walls

  • Furniture

  • Laundry Simplified

  • Clean Air

  • Outdoor Living

  • Bugging Out

  • Naturally Healthy Yards

  • For Parents

  • A Disposable Society

  • Reduce and Reuse

  • Conclusion

  • EndNotes

  • Acknowledgments

  • About the Authors

After reading all the great information mentioned above, the book gets into all the AWESOME recipes to clean everything in your home and to think it's all natural, with no toxic chemicals!  There are 150 recipes and I have already been using quite a few of them, before I started reading the book, but I can't wait to try all of them.  This book is perfect for anybody who wants to live a greener lifestyle!

I would highly recommend Homemade Cleaners!  This book is so full of information and very well written.  Once you pick it up, you won’t want to put it down!

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