Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Take the Free Test and Find Out Your RealAge! - #RealAge

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Take the Free RealAge Test

Have you ever thought about how old you feel at times? I think most people have as they reach their mid thirties.  I feel young at heart, but my body isn't quite saying that!  I've heard about the RealAge Test for sometime, so I decided to  take the Test.  There were some parts that I agreed with, but other parts that I didn't agree with.  Have you ever taken the RealAge Test?  Wouldn't you like to know how old you really are?

There are five sections to the test, which are health, feelings, diet, fitness and my RealAge.  There were quite a few questions about your health, the health of your parents, the way you feel, how you eat and how much exercise you get.  The first set of questions will be about your weight, height and your waist size, along with how you feel about your health compared to others your age.  The test will continue asking questions about your healthcare providers, health conditions you have, like diabetes or high blood pressure, even your test results and medications.


At the end of the test, it'll give you your RealAge and the difference of how old you really are.  I'm 56 and my RealAge is 60.7, a difference of  4.6 older then my actual age.  I also did a test for my husband, he is 63 years old and the Test said that he was 73.6 years old, which is 9.7 years older then his actual age.  For both my husband and myself, the test gave us personalized recommendations on how to get younger, which would help us get healthier and closer to our actual age.  It's an interesting test and I'd recommend taking it, PLUS IT"S FREE!  By following the personalized recommendations, you may decrease your RealAge and live a longer life!


For my cholesterol recommendation, it says I'm staying on track, but the test did offer more information about cholesterol and it even offered a quiz on cholesterol.  I took the quiz and it Congratulated me on having a good HDL cholesterol.  After I took the Cholesterol quiz my RealAge went down to 60.5, instead of 60.7.


Some of my other recommendations were to eat more fruits, veggies, nuts, grains and eat breakfast everyday.  I'm getting better on eating a healthier diet and I have started trying to eat breakfast.  I know the recommendations are very accurate and I do know it's for my own good that I follow the recommendations!


I did have three good things going on in my diet, that will make me younger!  I guess I need to improve many of my other recommendations!

Take the RealAge Test and see for yourself, how old you really are and see what recommendations can make you younger!

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